Thursday, April 28, 2011

My father, Who doesn't deserve the title..or the capitol letter

As if not capitolizing the letter makes me feel better.:p And that the letter starts with f. ( well, thats just a bonus:p) Somehow it diminishes him a bit, and thats enough for me.

This week has been really hard. I think that someone ( A moron obviously)  in my family has given my link to this site to my father. They do not realize how dangerous he is. Or how dangerous he would LIKE people to think he is.

I am unafraid. I have the truth on my side and all he has is lies.

Some day, they will catch up wiith him.

Whether it be on this side or the other, to be honest , I wish it was here so that he could get himself together(If thats even possible) and do what he always told me I needed to do. Change. I'm just not sure if its possible.

As soon as my friend and I reported to a faith based site where he was mentoring children that he was a preditor, as I've said in an earlier post, the site instantly went down.

Suddenly, within the same day,  my friends site was inundated with emails and comments from a mystery poster...One had to do with getting a job, and also said something about "practice makes perfect "  (Which my father used to say all the time) and a link to a porn website  that this person  tried to bait her by tormenting her about her past that hes known. (No she wasn't a porn star, you silly people... ;p but my friend did some questionable things, my dad liked to capitolize on it.)

One other thing this person had in their post to my friend...A quote from John Lennon
“I always was a rebel… but on the other hand, I wanted to be loved and accepted… and not just be a loudmouth, lunatic, poet, musician. But I can not be what I am not.”-John Lennon

Now that was a direct SLAM to she and I. I am a musician, and writer. My sister is a writer/journalist. This mystery poster is calling us loudmouth and a lunatic. Well I do know one thing. I am not the lunatic.

If that was you mystery poster and you are reading this. I am telling you, this is your last chance. If  you are into porn, sending porn to people you should be least tomenting, you are a very old man and going to be standing in front to God soon. Is this what you want to show for your life? Titles don't mean anything to God. The HEART does.

I have also been sent porn, I don't understand this "mystery" person wanting to send me to porn sites through my Aletheia website . I thought this person (At least in front of the world anyway) was a religious person.

With that said, I want to be VERY clear.

This is going to get published. It is all over the place, online, offline, given to others, even people you, mystery person, do not know. You can't silence everyone.THIS WILL COME OUT. I have made certain the truth with never be convieniently put away again.

No matter what you do, you can't break us. You never did. Since your old you won't be here much longer to torture anyone and soon enough you will stand before God to be judged of your many crimes. I'm glad I'm not your judge.

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