Thursday, February 16, 2023

I moved...and then I moped. The Move Knocked me into the WORST Menopause stuff I have ever been through in my Life. Ok now. WHEW!


I haven't written on the blog in a while. For years really. And, let me tell has been STRANGE.

Between covid and horrible menopausal surges (I'll talk about that in a bit) It's been YEARS since I have felt...well, ok. I FINALLY, after years, a couple brutal deaths, (my cat and Pauline), and a move, that I am sorry to say, I turned up being in Idaho.

Last year my father-in-law got VERY sick with covid, ( I like to spell it with a small c...does that somehow make me feel like I have more power over it? Meh, no dammit, I wish.)

Last year about this time, I would sob every day, crying, missing my old house that we sold thinking about the thousands of dollars and flowers, and fruit trees, and all the beauty that was Washington state for me…

I was having horrible hot flashes, and my face was breaking out with menopausal acne and rosacea.
I was having all kinds of menopausal issues…pretty much everyone you can think of.
I had no idea menopause could be so brutal, moving here to Idaho, actually brought on my menopause, (we moved here because my father-in-law had Covid last year and almost died, and just wanted to be a little bit closer to where they are so we can go there if he needs help or if their family needs help …
A naturopath told me when they took my blood That all the stress from moving knocked me right into menopause that’s how much stress I was under.
Just to give you an example, when we started driving to Idaho, my husband and I were in two separate cars and honestly, it was a good thing.

As we started to get closer to Idaho, the trees and water and beautiful things that are Washington disappeared, and at one point for 50 miles there was only dirt because of farmland.

I started screaming and crying, sobbing…”I can’t believe I did this. Why did I move? “
I was glad he wasn’t in the car because I could let it all out, compared to just sitting there shocked at the ugliness. I SCREAMED. "WHY DID I DO THIS??? WHY did I move???? Why did I let him talk me into this???"
For almost an entire year, My stress levels were so incredibly high, ( It didn’t help that there are areas around here, where there are blocks of big black tires, and another area, where there are blocks and blocks and blocks of disassembled semis… it’s just so ugly and there’s so much dirt and tumbleweeds and sagebrush, ) when for 20 years I lived in this gorgeous paradise…(Washinton) I would wake up and sob and think about places like deception pass where it’s out near the sound and it’s gorgeous. I used to get a picnic basket And pack us a really yummy lunch with croissants and ham and cheese and all kinds of really yummy Stuff from the co-op that was just phenomenal.

After all of this, and moving here as I said before, I thought I was dying.
I went to bed, terrified every night because I kept sleeping for two hours, and no more, and for months I dealt with this.
On YouTube, there was a guy who is into gardening that I saw, he actually had his cell phone number, and I texted him about gardening, and then saw his wife was into herbs, which I’m very into.
I told him I had been sleeping two hours a night when I texted him and he sent me straight to his wife's texts… she is an herbologist.
She also dealt with low, sleep herself and found something called rna re-mite and re-mag… I got that, and it started to help me sleep a little better, and the hot flashes that were just torture went away other than feeling a little warm sometimes… She gave me lots of recommendations like ginkgo biloba for dizziness, which made that go away…
She also recommended that I do this group with Dr. Livingood… ( I like his stuff a LOT though he sure touts the stuff he sells a lot. The info though that he has is SO good and makes it worth it listening to his pitches.
Today I get to meet herbologist friend as we’re going to the Melaleuca castle here in Idaho Falls. I’m really excited to meet her. I feel like she has saved my life in more than one way. (She is a very sweet woman.)

For months I couldn't sleep. I'd only sleep only two hours, and I just stayed in my pajamas and moped. Never mind that I have really nice funky clothes. (Pauline used to say " you don't have have costumes." :p They didn't get taken out of the closet for months.
Anyway, now I'm wearing my cool clothes again! I even am wearing my cool brick red lipstick and my face finally STOPPED breaking out. I’m not crying every day and more. Sure I miss my flowers in Washington state and everything else but I think I’m going to make it thank God.!!! ❤️
A week or two ago my herbologist friend recommended this stuff.
What’s interesting is I started taking these yesterday and all of a sudden I’m going more if you get my drift.
Anyway, my mood has lifted from the last year of crying every day to finding a reason to live again, ( not even kidding I can’t believe how brutal menopause is for me ) so I am so grateful to Dr. LJ and to this woman and to my life!
Less than a month ago I wasn’t sure I wanted to live and now I’m back to everything I love and I feel like myself again. FINALLY. I honestly haven't felt this good in YEARS. Its wonderful. I am SO Grateful!!!