Monday, September 8, 2014

"An Open letter to Feminist Trolls" (Yes, the men whose favorite words start with B,C,or S)

Warning, language (But I sure relate!!!) Sometimes, when I have written my blogs, I get these lovely messages posted publicly by men to my blog to suck their, well you know, or that I'm a slut (How do THEY know? Honey, I've been married 23 years!) or that I'm a c word which is basically telling me I'm a vagina, which basically every woman has, and walks around with every day (as the woman in this video attests too, which means I'm not so that's not really an insult...I think this woman explains it beautifully, though its sad that THESE men(who are kind of simpletons and seriously misogynistic if you ask me) always resort to these three or four words words WORDS. Which mean, well...NOTHING:p.

Guest Blog: On Feelings Of Ex Mormons When They Leave:(This fits my feelings more than anything I've ever read) P.S. distribute far and wide!

This is a VERY good blog regarding ex-Mormons feelings about how they are treated after they leave...I would suggest my Mormon friends WIDELY distribute this... I like it so much and it fits a lot of my feelings about how people have treated me when I left the church: so much that I am putting it here on my blog site...(I got  her permission)

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let It Gooooooo! (Video)

Funny..Last March I sang this song (I am a singer by trade- been in a band who was invited as one of 3 bands to be in Studio 7s "Battle Of the Bands" and would have gotten a contract if we won...IF I wouldn't have been Mormon at the time and played and gigged on Sunday: so don't be scared to click on   after the "inquisition" of a full month from my asinine bishop for my Ordain women profile where he took my temple recommend- I had been ridiculed at church (And my husband doing something called home teaching got bawled out by a member for my marriage equality sign in my yard- too damn bad! Its MY yard!) and just plain bullied by the Mormon Church Presidency in my area and this was my way of coping singing: I notice how tired and sad I look, but I was starting to let go... song I sang yesterday I look completely free and happy compared...Singing a song called "This is God" (I think it sums up EVERYTHING I feel about the world and how we should treat people. Its a song that is from "Gods" perceptive) I think there is a HUGE literal change in how I look...I am liberated from all the ridiculousness. And it actually physically SHOWS.