Thursday, May 24, 2012

I LOVE Betty White

  I love Betty White. I really do. When that woman speaks, people sit up and listen. The reason they listen? She says things like no one else does.
Even when you don’t want to admit that you know what she means (The little pervert) it makes you laugh anyway. I hope I have the energy she does when I’m her age. I wonder if in the future people will say “She pulled a Betty White” ;p
So her latest quest? “Bucks for balls”. Are you listening? I bet you are.
 Does anyone know what Betty’s main cause is through “Bucks For Balls”? (I can’t say it without grinning:p)  Animals.  She’s asking people to donate a buck to her cause, helping people who can't afford it to spay and neuter their pets. Go look it up…you can donate a buck.:)
Are you laughing now? I was (Ok, and maybe shaking my head a little too). Only Betty can say it with that naughty little grin of hers and get away with it.
I wish she would have been talking about this program when I lived in Idaho.
 I’ll tell you why.
We lived in a little house by a big hill. On top of that big hill was a beautiful Grecian house and a lil old guy lived there. He kept up the place and it was beautiful.
Then he passed away and his daughter moved in temporarily, just until the place sold.
When it sold, I noticed a lot of screaming, angry children there. Not only were they mad most of the time, they swore like sailors. They would go running across the cement walkway that had a iron railway, hands pounding the iron, little pudgy legs pummeling the cement right up above our bedroom window screaming bloody murder. The way they screamed, You’d think there was one.:p
In the windows where there used to be beautiful curtains, sheets went up, and along with the sheets, came  about 10 or so skinny howling cats that looked like they hadn’t been fed in a millennium.
I took pity on the poor things, the way they would come screeching down the hill, most of the females being chased by the “good ol boys”, (Tomcats) who would corner each lil girl kitty, and before I knew it, the poor creatures would be having ANOTHER batch of kittens.
What a life.
One time I happened to ask “The Beverly Hillbillies” (That’s the name my husband gave them) daughter how they fed all those cats, and she said “we go like this”! “(Showing me a big bag” with her hands) and said they dumped a little food on the ground. I couldn’t believe people could do such a thing, starving the poor things like that.
So I went and bought food for the cats and from then on, the poor creatures were always at my house eating on my front porch like it was their last meal. 
There was one pretty little Siamese black and white cat in particular who was always at my house, hiding from the boys…but the minute she wasn’t pregnant with kittens, they would chase her and round and round and that vicious cycle would start all over again, poor thing.
There was one funny thing about that Siamese.
Her meow. Her meow sounded like what a woman would sound like who’d been drinking too much  and needed a cigarette after WAY too much, you know…man handlin. She even had that low cigeretty growl of a voice people get after smoking too long. “Reow”  was more like what she said, it was like she couldn’t pronounce the- m  anymore… Or maybe she was just saying ow. I would;p
I think there were at least 30 cats at that house after a while. It didn’t take long.
In the morning I would hear many, MANY times the kids crying saying “Not again, another one died”. I would see a ton of runny nosed kittens for a few weeks,, then they would disappear.
That beautiful hill next to our house started to smell, BAD. Man… the wind would kick up and all I could smell was cat. Male cat, dead cat, I don’t know what was cookin under there but the smell was something you just can’t describe.
I had a vet that came right to my house and fixed my lil kitty, Jezabel, right on the washing machine. (That’s another story I’ll tell later)
“And that there’s how we do it in Idaho”, I could hear her say. Ya’ll hear?;p
 I thought I would sic her on em about fixing a bunch of them for dirt cheap. Man, how that vet of mine loved cats.
She came back from their house shaking her head. Might as well been talkin to a brick wall.
We had been living there for many  years, but  my huz finally got a transfer. I decided that a day or 2 before we moved, I was going to bring bunch of those poor cats to a no kill facility I knew of so they could have a good home. By then there more than 30 in that cramped space.
After all, who would feed those poor babies when I was gone? I thought I would leave them a few cats even though I had misgivings, and I called the animal control place and told them about my plans, and one person said they would come and help round up the cats.
What I didn’t know is that he would just stand there while I rounded up the cats.
After the ordeal  was over I was pretty scratched up, but glad they were going somewhere that they would be taken care of. The place they went to got them their shots, spayed and neutered them, and found them homes.
 I found out when I called to check on them that the poor snotty  nosed critters were so sick that for the rest of their lives, they would have to be given medicine every day to survive.  
That’s what the inhumanity of man can do to an animal.
I have to wonder if God judges our character by how we treat the creatures that are under our care. 
I hope I pass.  
30 cats neutered. Not bad:p
Betty would be proud:p