Thursday, February 15, 2018

Isadora Duncan, Death By Scarf And Me

I am an Isadora Duncan dancer all the way…I like dancing my way, all flowy and comfortable, in bare feet…kinda like this:
Well as least I’d like to imagine myself this way.
I have an over 70 year old friend who teases me about this.
She also teases me because I wear scarves.
Well one day I was wearing a scarf, walking down the sidewalk when a guy walked by with a backpack.
My scarf, having a mind of its own, attached itself to the guys backpack where I was yanked violently backwards as the guy kept walking down the street towards his destination.
He MUST have felt the backpack suddenly get heavy as I choked out a “hey! STOP!” He stopped and I got untangled.
My friend laughed when I told her this.
She said “You ARE just like Isadora Duncan! She started to get into a car and her scarf got caught on the spokes of a wheel.
It whipped around in a circle…and voila, death by scarf!”
I always imagine that when she got to heaven she was like “WTF? A SCARF??? REALLY?????
I guess I better be careful.