Thursday, July 18, 2019

Man Killed By Police In Tacoma Washington: His Daughters Response (The man I and My Friends Spoke To At The Candlelight Vigil Hours Before His Death)

I am so glad that at least I got to meet this man (Will)  in the last moments of his life and speak to him. I will never forget how passionate he was.

So glad that I was determined to go to the The Tacoma concentration camp  (well, they are concentrating certain people with brown skin in those camps... that IS a concentration camp, and it HAS been done to death in history. The first one was in Cuba ) 

He was at that horrible place to protest holding the people inside. 

I don’t care what anyone else says...this man was a beautiful soul who felt deeply and cared more than anyone will ever know. I may not agree with what he did, but talking to him with his sign that said "Never Again" I could tell that he CARED that people are suffering. I will always remember how loving and especially passionate he was about those people being held inside the center.

This is what his daughter said about her father.

The Anniversary Of Her Death, And Yet, She Is Showing Me There Is Life.

(Pauline is int he green hat...I am the one in the middle with red blonde and black hair)

Soooo...I hear that this retrograde thing is going on along with a few other things...I haven't felt this down in YEARS. I think I am starting to feel a bit better because....

Pauline (my friend that died July 16th last year) seems to me as if she has sent messages over these last few days)

a white moth showed up in my front AND back yard when I was outside, and a hummingbird sat in front of me in my back yard .
Then it flew right in front of me and sat there contemplating whether it should drink from the flowers I had in my hand for a few minutes (it almost drank from one)
I had orange flowers in my hand in memory of my friend (some orange ones had just bloomed, her favorite color- strangely they died the next day, I kid you not...that they died so quick made me cry again.  ) the WHOLE day was hard.

Today a store that a friend told me about called "The Neverending Bookshop" popped up on my Facebook feed.
I had looked at it before but today I realized that its in Edmonds Washington which made me bawl.

Edmonds was our stomping grounds (I would drive her around even though I had to drive half an hour to an hour to get there...we would grocery shop...and her favorite place was by the ferry and the water.)

We would hang out at all the quaint shops downtown.

This shop is around the quaint shops downtown.

Oh My GOD. A woman who introduced me to this shop who helps small business owners told me she is going to introduce me to the shops owner.

I have an excuse to go back. Still sitting here crying.

Thinking too...yesterday I submitted the last request to the artist for the last picture in my second book in my "Bart The Bat" series "Bart Befriends A Butterfly" (That book is all about her. ) Coincidence? Maybe not.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Willem Von Spronson's Manifesto (The Man Who Was Shot And Killed By Tacoma Police)

I am awake at 4 A.M. this morning. I can't stop thinking about this guy. Before we left the Tacoma Detention center protest candlelight vigil ( I was with friends) we talked to Willem. ( I did for a few minutes, then talked to another woman next to him who was also leaving about how there had been a camp here before where they were protesting and how the police bulldozed their camp at the detention center.)

I just remember Willem being very sad about how people were being treated inside the canter. I just remember he looked really sad. I will never forget his eyes. He had such kind eyes. He just looked so sad.

He said he "Just didn't like concentration camps" and that he was staying all night and that he had done that before. (stayed all night after protests) He had a sign that said "Never Again."

He seemed like someone who cared very VERY much about how people were treated.

I see on social media that more than one person has said that Willem was not someone who they thought showed "White privilege." That he just cared very deeply about how people were treated.

A couple years ago, I was at Trader Joes grocery and talked about the Womans March that I was going to go to, and an AntiFa (antifascist) woman came up and spoke to me.

She said " we are here and at marches and protests to protect people. We, (Antifa) and I have gone to marches against Nazi's standing in front of our brothers and sisters who are at risk (especially those of color who are targeted)  to protect them (Physically if it comes to that) at all costs"

I have heard, and saw at the Portland March Against The Nazis (which I went to) that Antifa was there handing out granola in wicker baskets to the protesters (I got a bag of granola)

The feeling I get is that they feel they are here to protect people.

I think Willem was trying to make a statement. (for those of you who saw the car that was burnt up- that was his daughters car.)  I think that he was trying to wake people up.

This is the message I think he wants people to know through his "Manifesto."

Not that I agree with it entirely, but I think we are at a troubling time in our history.

This is his Manifesto. (His picture and manifesto was posted by someone who is involved in his Antifa group.)

I can at least post it, and those who see it will understand better where he was coming from. (or maybe not depending on which side of the fence you are on.)

Looks like someone already wrote a song about him:

Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Man In Tacoma Washington Who Was Shot And Killed By Police- My Friends And I talked To Him The Night Before

I am heartbroken...a man we talked to who was at the protest in Tacoma, Washington who really cared about the horrible things that are happening in this country and who really came across as a beautiful soul is DEAD. (My friends were talking more to him.
We were all at the protest in Tacoma Washington for the candlelight vigil for the 1575 people there. We were protesting the conditions, how they are holding people in cages, places where some haven't had showers for weeks, where they sit in their own filth (its so crowded that even basic amenities are denied) 
This man said he was staying all night, saying he was staying because he "didn't like concentration camps") 
He had a sign that said "Never Again" 
He was all alone, and just before we left we met some people who were setting up a lit stencil saying "Close The Concentration Camps" onto the concentration camps wall.
The woman setting it up said that "the more people who are around when we do it the better because the police do things they don't normally do when others are alone." 
I kid you not.
Her words are ringing in my head right now.
I remember when she said that I felt so relieved that when we left there hadn't been any police action, and that none of us were arrested for being there at the protest.
Now I am just heartbroken that they took his life.
And I don't know that I believe the police story either. I hadn't seen any kind of weapons or fire starting things anywhere around the guy. I saw he had a chair and a paper bag with food in it. That's it.
God. I just wish he hadn't died. All alone. 4 cops shot him. FOUR. It just breaks my heart.
The guy had a heart of Gold...even had protected people against the Nazis...(he was a part of a bunch of guys that did that to help others) I have read all the news stories on this and have seen everything that was said.
I KNOW how the media sensationalizes. They said "He may have been trying to hurt inmates....NO...he came to show them he was with them! That they should NOT be caged, and that they should not be doing this to little ones.
I know how the media is because in Portland when I was in the protests against the nazi's the media said that we "were trouble" we who arm in arm walked down the streets (Including a bunch of dancing grannies in the street that had a coordinated dance routine) we were all united despite a helicopter with a police woman bearing down on us yelling "TURN BACK" with a megaphone when 6 people who weren't with us threw stones at the police.(I knew because I asked the police later what happened- THAT was the real story...) we chanted "Don't blame the police, don't blame the story we walk down the street in a blaze of glory" and "Black Lives Matter" as we walked down the street. It was unifying, we all knew what we were doing was right... and it was beautiful. We just kept walking down the street that the organizers had legally set up to walk down that day and reached our destination...the media turned it into "they are all trouble." (for the ratings I'm sure.)
I wouldn't believe the media, or the hype. Go to the source and you find the truth. Too often what is portrayed is not the source or the truth.
But no one will ever know on this one, because Willem is dead.
That man did NOT deserve to die. 😢