Monday, August 5, 2019

Those We Love Never Completely Leave us. Ever.

Pauline died in July last year...she was like a mother to me.

Coincidentally, or maybe NOT so coincidentally I got a call for an appointment that was in Edmonds, Washington, a place that has so many memories for me a week after the anniversary of her death.
As I drove I saw Pauline everywhere around there. It was hard to drive through as everywhere I looked, there were memories EVERYWHERE I looked.
I got teary eyed going past where they had the "Taste Of Edmonds" that Pauline and I went to for so many years, driving through so many spaces that Pauline and I occupied.
I went to downtown Edmonds near the water, parked and got out. I thought, oh, I'll just go to our favorite spot. When I got there, it was GONE. Our favorite shop was GONE. I was heartbroken, it felt like everything that Pauline and I had seen was slowly disappearing and I was trying not to cry. I decided to walk through what used to be Whimsy...a beautiful shop that had the most gorgeous $10 lacy scarves that we used to love to buy, among the funky clothes....thinking about the things we used to buy there. I was about to walk out when...
I stopped cold. To the right of me were at least 8 paintings. ALL with the EXACT blue butterfly that wouldn't leave me alone on the day Pauline died.( I couldn't help it...I called my husband bawling...he said "Are you ok?"
I could hardly speak I was crying so hard. (I bought two prints of the pictures which are here)
I see signs everywhere telling me those we love look in on us, every once in a while.

Those we love never completely leave us. Never forget that.

(The book "Bart Befriends A Butterfly" about "Grammy/Pauline is almost finished! The last picture in this book is a little different than the butterfly I saw...the orange is a nod to Pauline as it was her favorite color)

More about the book at (The Bat That Came To Breakfast and Bart Befriends A Butterfly) (C) H.D Vesser 2019