Sunday, May 22, 2016

Feminists Beware!

A male friend on facebook asked me to respond to a sexist blog on facebook, along with other feminists.. I had his link here, but honestly, I don't want to link his blog here with mine. I'd rather people don't give him what he wants in hits etc...

So here’s part of his rant… and mine.

“ I've been following feminist lunacy ever since August of 2014”

Right away listening to him talk like this I’m getting pissed off...

SIX TIMES MORE GENDER BIAS THAN RACIAL BIAS IN OUR COURT SYSTEMS IN FAVOR OF WOMEN, and yet even despite this feminist groups still find women to be the primary victims of discrimination in the penal system with some even suggesting women's prisons should close entirely.”

Ok, you look at rape culture, and this guy doesn’t even MENTION what women go through in court if she’s been raped. The questions and humiliation and “what were you wearing” b.s. He just mentions this. And where did he get his ratios? Just because Michigan law says it, doesn’t make it so. I for one would have to see more studies.

“the fact that much of feminist theory is rooted in someone's hatred of men”.

And there it is again...the assumption that all of it is because we hate men.

We don’t, we just want fairness. For our daughters and mothers and sisters. For the guys that end up with our daughters... to not treat us like an afterthought to use however they want. To be able to walk with our heads held high, both of us, as PARTNERS.

“ I can counter any feminist talking point by citing other self-identified feminists. So much so I could probably write a whole other article doing so”
This guy sounds seriously full of himself and apparently he knows all the answers. ;p (Women beware!)“Feminism crossed the toxic threshold at least 30 years ago and is now slowly killing us. Any ideology that uses circular logic as validation for why it needs to exist is proof of how destructive and totalitarian that ideology can potentially be, as in order for it to no longer be valid, everyone must agree with it. That should scare you to your very core dear reader.”

Killing who??

Women are now marching in India and all over the world in protests to things like a rape that happened to a woman on a bus. 7 men raped her, she ended up in the hospital, and she DIED. They rose up, women AND men and took to the streets. Things are changing. BECAUSE women are standing up and saying NO MORE! The world is getting better, Not worse. And what a beautiful thing that women are starting to stand up for each other! :)  This guy doesn’t say ONE thing about the struggles women go through. He just keeps talking about how he knows how to shut women (feminists) up.  I doubt he does. They no doubt steer clear of him once they realize what kind of man he is.

Malala, the woman who was shot in the head for wanting to go to school calls herself a feminist, and she is changing the world.

Her father calls himself a feminist. Now THAT is a real man. Real men build other women up. And the men around them.

This guy, well, he’s just making excuses. “Dear reader” he so sweetly says. Awww...isn’t that sweet. Pat me on the head and send me to bed with warm milk...

Dear reader, My ASS.

So, he responds to me like this… (Yes he replied, and I haven’t replied to him directly)

“need some anal gel for that bad case of butthurt?
(Uh, what butthurt??? This in itself is just infantile. Try to insult me with some kind of sexual innuendo to shut me up or TRY to shock me? I don’t think so!! 

I also just realized while I was meditating (Greeeeeeeeeeeat)  that this ass basically told me after I responded to his sexist blog (he very graphically told me)  about "anal gel"hes basically telling me that hes f'd me like the...whaaaaaa???? . What a freaking pig. WHY do some men have to resort to turning a woman standing up and speaking out into a sexual object so people won't take a woman seriously?

Whatever. Right... Well it isn't going to work, but it

SERIOUSLY pissed me offf!!!

I am writing about this guy so women can AVOID this guy like the plague.

arg....I need to remember the centering thought of the day, not this pigs comment.

He goes on...

"I can tell you didn’t follow all the links to the UofM site, because both studies are there, take a read and come back.

yes i look at where rape culture came from, and it can be found in its most hateful form in the SCUM manifesto, I'll probably do another article tracing those threads.

I mean the cult of SocJus/feminism seems to assume EVERYONE is some kind of -ist or -phobic and thats actually being taught in university to some degree, please tell me how one is wrong and not the other. You also seem to forget i'm talking about ideas here.

So its only about equality for one group of people? not for everyone? ok.

But you have all the answers right?

killing society if you haven't noticed, thats kinda why donald trump is winning.

While we're on the topic of India did you hear about the kid who got lynched over a false accusation? its great to see women stand up for each other and get men to murder on their behalf. I don't mention any of the struggles women go through because we already know what they go through.

Real women stay at home and support the man who supports her. If I dont get to define what a real woman is you dont get to define what a real man is.

good day M'lady ;)”

Looks like he can also read my mind as he said I didn't follow the links that I looked at of his yesterday... they were only all negative with women saying mean things about men. As if he's not. does he need some anal gel?;p

The Scum Manifesto? I have read it, and what he posted.  How does that have to do with men raping women??? Is he trying to say it’s women’s fault for rape because women have said some pretty mean things about men??? Words are not rape. Rape is because a man takes his junk out of his pants. It has nothing to do with the woman,It’s HIS, GET IT???And the blame belongs squarely on HIM, NOT her.

It’s not worth answering anything this man says because men like him will never learn... (which is why I refuse to talk to him...I've talked to men like that. The minute you start talking to them, they get this far away arrogant look in their eyes. Then comes the mansplaining because THEY know best (NOT!)
And he expects women to respond well to him when his first sentence to me, a complete stranger is about "anal gel? " WHO the HELL says that to a woman and expects them to respond???? If he really talks that way to people I think he has REAL problem with the social graces and is probably awkward in public. Almost to the point of that idiot Raaaaaav V or whatever.
But its the internet...dudes gonna make a name for himself by flinging insults. Reminds me of Trump. :p

And real women stay at home? (rolling my eyes now! Whether he was joking or not I don't care. You don't insult a total stranger and then expect them to see when you're "joking" even though you're just being an ass.) and then he ends it with a medieval "M'lady" and a wink...after insulting me...y

You know when a man insults a woman, then jokes with her and thinks he’s on a gee I can mess with you fling... and then be like, oh, I'm KIDDING, can't you take a joke??? And then she should play along?

Now I know what kind of man he really is... what is he? Mormon, religious freak or misogynist I can't decide... what's funny is that  my husband asked if this guy is Mormon when I read the article to him... as I used to be Mormon and left two years ago after being interrogated by a Mormon Bishop for being a part of ordain women... and because I had a marriage equality sign on my lawn. I know some good Mormon men... my husband being one of them but this guy is misogynistic to the nth degree...

Another woman tried to get him to listen to reason by patiently giving him links to articles about suffrage and bullet points about what women have gone through.

This was his response-typos and all;p Though he and I have typos in common... At least it wasn’t about “anal gel”.

“I have every right to hate feminism when feminist policies and models will one day effect MY life, and it has already. You dont know MY experience so dont you dare say i have no right to hate feminism.” (And then the baseless accusations to her) Your the one, as a feminist, who is trying to reduce the insanely complex rabbit hole that is feminism down to "patriarchy".
To which she responds...
"I never really write comments online. I'm just very passionate about equality in all forms and your article wasn't that hateful, it was just very uninformed so I decided to write to you. Either way, by your reply I'm realizing that you are quite hateful against people fighting for women's rights. It also seems Iike you don't think gender inequality exists at all in our society, which I find fascinating. It's also fascinating to me that you have so much against feminists because you think feminists are hateful, when you seem quite hateful yourself. I respect that that's how you feel. I don't personally believe hate ever leads to something good, but we are all different. Maybe one day in your life you will run into experiences that will change your views. Who knows. Peace."
Than he responds… “Fighting for womens rights and feminism are two seperate things to me. I'm also inclined to say you think inequality goes only one way, your wrong and if you feel so inclined feel free to follow me because thats probably what im going to be writing about most of the time. come learn something that feminism won't ever teach you about.”
(Now he’s assuming...which makes an ass out of u and me ha ha... AND telling her she’s wrong)
So I respond...
How arrogant...feel free to follow me so I can insult you more? Learn from me, a misogynist male who is completely clueless stewing in his own bullshit:p lol. His last line sounds like a come on line..."come on baby, come learn something from me that feminism won't ever teach you about."
Mrrrrrrrow! whew! lol HAHA!
I have decided this guy is not worth talking to.
So I won't.
Because he'll miss every point..

He’s too busy listening to himself talk.