Friday, July 29, 2016

Organized Religion Is Just Man's Excuse To Play God

Organized religion is just men's excuse to play God. (A while back, that occurred to can use it as an original Heidi quote...:p)

It has hurt more women,made more women turn on each other in the name of religion when we could be helping each other, given more men an excuse to beat women and kill men,created more bigotry and forced us all into a collective guilt trip that makes us believe we will never be good enough to get back to God.

It is a SHAM. (This is just from the Book of Heidi : some of you know my story- if not go to June of 2014 and read my story)

I have seen people who already feel bad enough, feel WORSE because of the lie that is religion

I realize though that for some people religion brings them comfort.

But for me,

God is LOVE. It will always be so.

THAT is my religion.

America Has Gone CRAZY

(Yes, I took this picture.)
(All you need to see every day is 3 giant “TRUMP” signs (there is one more sign on your way down the road.) Personally I would like to camp out near the sign and burn the sign, maybe with a nice bag of marshmallows to roast . :p This is the grand poo bah of signs.) DAMMIT!
I am fed up with American politics.

THESE days people are just throwing up their hands and saying “oh well, I’ll just vote for Trump, or just voting for Hillary”... or they'll say, if you're not voting for Hillary, you're voting for Trump.

People are getting to the point of being like playground bullies.

This election people are becoming tyrannical. Trying to force people to vote for Hillary... or say its "My" fault if we get what we get? Bullshit! Its not my fault that we are where we are.

 We are told we have the choice between (I add this) a fascist idiot and a criminal. I didn't put them there and I certainly won't condone either one of them being in the white house. And if one more person says its all my fault here I'm going to delete it. It is NOT my fault!

 Holy hell! I won't lower my standards for you, or anyone.

As my husband says: I can either vote for corruption or idiocracy.
Gee what a choice.
(As to Trump and my feelings about him- I’ll let John Oliver tell you for me- I think I’ve watched this at least 10 times- it starts out goofy and is hilarious, but near the middle gets more serious about his failed businesses and bankruptcies- this is NOT a man who should run the country. (His rampant racism and bigotry aside, not to mention the so called “Mexican wall” and deportations etc)
Do we have a choice?
WAIT, we have been TOLD we don’t have a choice.
They say (and I add this) we have a choice between a tantrum induced toddler and a corrupt politician who just happens to be a woman. (Damn it- WHY can’t we get a good woman!!! (Elizabeth Warren- I’m talking to you, and in the same breath, I’m disappointed in you too.

Jill Stein is looking better and better to me, I’ll get to that later)  
I just don’t know how this can be fixed.
There is too much big money, and honestly, too much cheating involved. This game is fixed.
And the American people are stuck in the middle watching their daytime soaps and evening comedies, distracted, with their pants down, if you get my drift.
How else did a clown get in here???
When Washington State had their caucus, I told myself I would go to vote for Bernie and then not get involved.
I voted and then like a kid addicted to “whack a mole” I got whacked myself.
I got talked into being a delegate AGAIN.
I should have learned the first time with Ron Paul.
I thought, “maybe” this will be different then when I was a Ron Paul Delegate with the Republicans.
Where I was screamed at by some “Christian” woman about same sex marriage “ruining America.”
Where I saw a ballot box taken by cheating Republicans and another guy who tried to stop it escorted out.
Later a guy who had tried to stop the cheating had a meeting about it with the other delegates. And what was done about it? NOTHING.
I saw people who were normally decent to each other ripping each others throats out.
What’s funny is that I had moved and the old people in my Mormon ward were on one side of the convention center, and the people in the new ward on the other for Mitt Romney, and I felt suffocated as they kept congratulating themselves and throwing corny jokes my way about the “black sheep in the family”
Not only that, but at church after Sacrament meeting AT church, some Dufus decided to bawl me out for not voting for the “Mormon” (Romney coincidentally, WHO I RESEARCHED unlike those who assumed he was good BECAUSE he was Mormon) I found his ties to Monsanto stock (GMO company)
Might as well have an exorcism right then and there, right?  Slam me on the forehead and “DEMON BE GONE!!!”
I  went to state as a Delegate, but what I saw in between all of that just made me, to be honest, disgusted with it all.
When the Republicans  weren’t trying to filch you for all your money as a delegate, they were too busy patting themselves on the back congratulating themselves for all the so called "good" they did. ( let’s be honest here, the good that THEY have done for themselves and no one else.)
I spent HOURS years back with a Ron Paul delegate who spent more time than anyone else I know on the floor trying to change the corruption that is politics. He stood in line for at least an hour or two to get his point out, and then they took him down by shutting down the forum to talk right before he got to the stand. Now HE is a good guy. (Yes Mr B.- I’m talking about you!)
Yet here I am in the same boat again, playing for the other team.
I have realized I am  Green party/Independent/Libertarian leaning Democrat, if there is such a thing.
I found I flt more into the Green Party structure myself. Check this to see where you stand:  

I wondered if the cheating would happen with the Democrats too. Well, I didn’t have to wait long.
Enter Hillary Clinton, who I have been watching with eagle eyes for YEARS.
Damn it, I want a woman president SO bad I can taste it.
But a corrupt, war mongering, Clinton Foundation (cough cough slush fund) establishment shill instills absolutely NO confidence in me.
What she has done to Bernie, and how emails  have been leaked from the founder of Wikileaks showing that she had spies in Bernie’s camp, is just flat out disgusting.
Meanwhile, online, the conversations  make me wonder why I am there in the first place.

Heidi  I am so so sick of politics right now and yet I'm still talking about it haha

Shela  I need to go to bed and stop getting so freaked out. But I tell you if something doesn't happen soon we're going to start getting bombed like Jerusalem and is not going to be funny we're going to be crying to the Britain to save us after we fought and fought to get away from them if anybody remembers that?

Shela  I'm just going to get off of my soapbox for now. As much as I hate to say it we be better off with Hillary Clinton at this point unless someone like Colin Powell comes up out of the ashes.

Heidi  We're in  need a good strong leader I just don't know where there is one who isn't corrupt unless we're talking Bernie.

Joe  lol Bernie

Shela I actually give a rat's ass about Bernie Sanders I think he truly gives a s***.

Shela My problem is having work for all branches of the service is that the president of the United States as commander-in-chief should be the highest military ranking person. I do not believe you should be able to be a president without a military high-standing standing background.

Heidi Lol Trump

Heidi  Don't even go there Joe whoever you are

Shela Joe is good folk

Joe  where did I say trump... Bernie..dodged draft just like trump..Bernie never had real job. Do you need a pacifier? Awwww  poor little thing...

Shela  Bernie has heart. As long as I have a daughter under 18 I would dodge the draft also.

Heidi  When Bernie  was mayor he stopped hundreds of people from being displaced in their homes in Burlington when Real Estate tried to push them out.  Burlington also was the first to have 100% renewable energy because of him.  He was also called the amendment King with over 90 amendments passing working with Republicans and Democrats as nobody else had. All the information I just talked about is said (and shown) about the middle of the video when it really starts to get interesting
Heidi Sebastion This is a man who has just given more and more. Socialism is caring about other people... communism is more like what you're talking about above. I think you have a twisted version in your head of what it actually is or maybe you're watching too much Fox News

Joe  you are just one of those who thinks you are entitled to others money..btw how much money has bern gave away.
Heidi  For a guy who has a picture on your page saying "love comes naturally hate is learned" with a picture of two kids hugging you sure aren't being very nice. And you're assuming that I believe that I'm entitled to others money when you don't know me at all. I'm a 46 year old married 25 years woman. When people start calling each other names and assuming things about people telling them they need a pacifier. someone needs to grow up and get his big pants on. Someone's diaper is full of s***) :p

Shela  This might make a really good Blog. Heidi

Joe I haven't got nasty, but I can..I was being nice since was a friend's post.

Heidi Sebastion  Shela, honestly I'm cool talking to you Shel but he was extremely rude with the pacifier comments and poor little thing... just very childish comments and I'd rather not... having an adult conversation between two people who don't agree doesn't have to resort to rude comments... most times people won't change their minds no matter what... it's okay to have different opinions but resorting to comments that are inflammatory and childish are frankly a waste of my time.

Haven't gotten nasty is b******* on his side and if he can't see how childish he was and is trying to make excuses for it... all the more reason for me to not talk to him.  All the other comments he is making now are just the kind of comments of someone who's a troll and who likes to bait people... I'm done.
 Joe "I never called any name"

Heidi "awww (calling me a ) poor little thing" isn't?

I'm glad this is over in November! At least it’s over before Christmas!

I have seen people call each other names,block and delete each other on Facebook, tell me and people over and over that if we vote for anyone else than Hillary that we are voting for Donald Trump.

That frankly scares the HELL out of me.

My mother escaped Hitler's Germany (I’m serious) If Trump gets in, I’m afraid for us all.

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: . For years we have bought into the medias “IF YOU VOTE FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN THE DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS, you lose.

Well here I am to burst your fucking bubble.



From that article...

  • 42% identify as independents, 29% as Democrats, 26% as Republicans
  • Independent identification at least 40% for fifth consecutive year
  • Democrats maintain edge over GOP in party identification and leaning
Get off the merry go round that is the two party system!!!
We’re just going round and round till were so dizzy we feel like throwing up.
Isn’t anybody sick of this bullshit???


I looked into Jill Stein and took a quiz on who I relate to the most. Jill came in first and Bernie second. I am liking her more and more. Gary Johnson is another one to look into.

Hey, a WOMAN who is actually honest in the white house?

I think I may be changing my vote.

If we as a nation change our thinking, it may NOT be hopeless after all.

Af friend of mine on Facebook brought up a good point.
“The Republican party was once a third party, and they pushed out the Whig party.”

It is not too late. Don’t buy it. EDUCATE yourself, REALLY look into all the parties, and THEN vote.

Hell- I’ll even give you a head start.

(Click this unbiased link at the bottom to find out which candidate you are really most comparable to in ideology...I did. (Look to the right to take the test. Mine was 93% Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders(who is now gone... grrrr) then Clinton and down the shows you the results too.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Your "Invite "Is Showing And Other Bullshit

(Side note: )

This picture makes me giggle as the guy is actually looking at her...wait for it.....FACE. YES! ;p)

I have a 70 year old friend who I go skiing with. (she amazingly, snowboards) She regularly kicks my ass as she flies down the slopes.

We rollerblade these days as it’s warmer (I am sitting here with a sunburn as we speak.)
She amazes me, the longevity she has, and how long she can stay on those damn skates gliding along as I huff and puff and don’t blow her house down haha. (she took my skates to her house to check the wheels last week, said they don’t spin right so I have an excuse, maybe I don’t feel so bad, but again, she’ll still hit meh' where the Lord split meh. (Translated- she’ll still kick my ass...)

Last week I met her at the pool, as I usually do, at a club I frequent. I wore a two piece swimming suit, the top part of a “tank” suit with a split half way down to my stomach.

The minute I saw her, she looked straight at my swimming suit and said “Your invite is showing.”
(To be fair, when I told her what she said had offended me, she said her daughter said that- but where did her daughter learn it? Children learn it from parents, and grandparents- it’s been happening for generations, and it will TAKE generations to undo it.)

I said “they're just boobs. It has nothing to do with an invite.”

Why do we as women do this to each other? Do we believe we are “protecting” each other this way? Are we standing up for each other as women, or shaming each other and not protecting each other at all?

Why are we stigmatizing men this way? WHY are we treating them as if they are nothing but animals?

We have to hold men to a higher standard. (For more on that, go to Jackson Katz’s amazing ted talk here- he is helping to change roles- if every man, and I dare say woman would be more like him, this wouldn’t be a problem)

It’s comments like “your “invite” is showing” that excuse men of rape, incest and murder.

How much fabric or how little fabric a woman is wearing should NOT decide her worth, or if she’s a “slut” or not.

Women should own their bodies THEMSELVES, not let someone else decide for them, or worse yet, be shamed for them.

There are places Europe, women run around without tops on. Bottoms even. This is not a big thing.

In America where we are supposedly the "world leader" (I say this tongue in cheek, BIG time) we are such prudes. We shame ourselves as women here and allow men to excuse themselves for brutish behavior. Saying men are just like that. It is inexcusable. On both counts.

I keep telling myself I need to move overseas. There has got to be somewhere where it is better than this. I am so exasperated and frustrated by comments that judge me (and other women) as if before anything women "HAVE" to prove that they aren't sluts out to land a man. Aren't we aloud to be comfortable by ourselves? Why is it automatically assumed we have a motive???

Now If I were on a deserted island by myself alone, I WOULD run around naked. Its honestly more comfortable. Heaven forbid I feel the sun on my skin, everywhere.How cool would that be? Does this make me a slut? Or am I asking for a serious sunburn? (Maybe, haha) But the rebel in me loves the thought.

Which makes me think of a goofy Dharma and Greg show where she dances naked to welcome spring(A welcome respite from my rant haha)

I read a story the other day about a girl who refused to wear a bra to school. Though she was covered, she was brought out of class. May I ask who was shamed and whose day was really interrupted? Oh, I know the answer to that one. HERS was. Who was looking so hard at her chest anyway? The women there fell behind her and went braless at her school because whose body is it anyway? Yes, its HERS..

And while we’re at much fabric a woman is wearing (Or if she is wearing a bra or not) has nothing to do with a man taking "it" out of his pants and forcing it on someone that doesn't want it. Whether shes wearing a berka, full dress, bra or braless. She is not asking for it. That is HIS action, not hers, If hes thinking "shes asking for it".. hes suspect and if he acts on it he's criminal.

Who are we to decide who's fucking asking for it???

Do you want to ask the person if shes asking for it. No? Then fucking go away.

Yes I'm angry. I'm sick of dealing with this ridiculous mindset.

We need to teach our men better. From the cradle to the grave.

Everything else is bullshit.