Sunday, November 13, 2016

Protesting In America

Protest is what this country was founded on. 

Some Trump supporters who are saying protesters need to be put in prison, beaten and even shot or killed for protesting need to go somewhere like say....CHINA, or maybe North Korea and see how you like it.
This is AMERICA.
You don't like being called names or being called out on your shit?

How is beating up people right? Calling people names, writing the name Trump and racist slurs on people's cars and property, hurting women wearing hijabs (and acting like the protesters are just lazy when some of them may have come from hours away to protest and at least got off their butts and did something about it, peacefully.) 
How is trying to force your way gonna prove to everyone that you aren't backwoods hicks or just outright misogynistic bigots???

You don't like being called that? Then stop ACTING LIKE IT.

To Every Single One Of Us.

I'll admit I have been walking around in a daze just heartbroken.

 But today at the YMCA ( A place I go to swim) A woman who looked despondent talked to me about the election and I hugged her...
Then I went to the store and had a bag full of Costco vinegar and some doofus that works there cut in front of me with a million carts when I was going to get a cart.

My back was killing me and I was worried that I was going to throw my back out... and as usual I overdid it.:

 I was so angry! I said I'm just trying to get a cart a****** This bag is HEAVY!!!

Not proud to say I totally lost my cool.
Then, a few minutes ago I was in another store a minute ago when I saw the veterans and a woman walked by and said "peace love and tolerance to you..." I just started crying.

I think I am so stressed out because of all of this... being a woman it's hard enough.

I can't even imagine what minorities and LGBTA people are feeling right now)

All of this with the election in the U.S.A.... I am so triggered...

I've been wondering for the past few days what's going to happen to women's Reproductive Rights.

I've been wondering how men are going to act towards women as his getting in his seem to have emboldened so many in the worst way.

I've been wondering about gay rights as I have a bisexual daughter... and at this moment in time I am terrified for the future of this country.

That woman at the veterans table: She  reminded me of Tolerance and peace and love.

 She and I just stood there and hugged.

For now it's enough.

Where is tolerance, peace and understanding and love?

If we choose to, It is in every single one of us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My thoughts on my mammogram and the U.S. election day being on the same day. (They're both painful but it'll be over soon) HAHA.

This is hilarious. 

I have to get a mammogram on Election Day. Today I will get my boobs squished... which is painful.

I'm not sure which is more painful, this election or getting my boobs squished... 

I just know this: I'll be glad when they're both over. 

At least they'll both be over soon.


Coincidentally, I was listening to my car stereo on the way over and Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends." came on. 

My brain kept changing it to "wake me up when elections end." lol

VIGGO MORTENSON (Aragorn- the king from Lord Of The Ring's:)) Is with the GREEN PARTY!!! Speech here and Video below!

I LOVE what he said so I'm going to type the whole thing out here:
Viggo: "If you believe the promise of true democracy in America and yet you passively accept and unjust system by either not voting today at all, or by voting republican or Democrat, Trump or Clinton then you are not only participating in that unjust system, but you are contributing to its evil.
You are ensuring that nothing will change.
Hillary Clinton doesn't have anything to fear from us today, but she does in the long run.
I was thinking about how we all get sucked into sports metaphors- the mentality that winning is short term, instant gratification. If we get to 5 percent, its great, if we get to 2 percent, its still great. But this let down, this I didn't get what I want and so well, I'm never going to do THAT again...PLEASE, don't do that.
If you've done the effort to inform yourself thus far, in voting your conscious, voting for the Green party, Jill Stein, its just the beginning!
You've taken the right step, you can feel good about yourself.
If you grow to be an old woman or old man you can know you voted your conscious.
I did the right thing. I knew better, and I voted better.
Don't think of this as the end, today.
The door doesn't close at 5% 3% 1%
Its just your pushing that door open and other people are behind you. They're going to help you push it a little further open when its time.
Its a process.
Its a game that moves as you play.
Keep moving, if you wanna play, otherwise your going to be left out.
Otherwise, your going to be participating in the evils of an unjust system knowingly.
I can't think of a more difficult thought to have in your head, the realization to have in your head, that you didn't do the right thing when you knew better.
Good luck sleepin.
If you do the right thing, your gonna sleep fine today, your gonna sleep fine tomorrow.
This is just the beginning.
We're in it for the long haul.
We hope that you are too."
(Watch Viggo Below)