Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two negatives make a POSITIVE!

Ug, I had a bad experience at CHURCH of all places.:p I CAN’T stand SELF RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE. Why don’t they go and tell everyone else in the class who is talking to shush.? Not pick on me? Those people are EVERYWHERE.. I’ve been shushed all my life, shushed in my family, and I made a decision that I would NEVER be shushed again.
STOP singling me OUT! Before you shush me, If you think your so self-righteous as to think you can shush me, shush the ENTIRE class. I am WHISPERING for heaven’s sake, and about the LESSON. I am not talking to you; I am talking about personal experiences with a friend.
My husband and I were talking and he had some thoughts that I think are very valid here…
In mathematics a negative times a positive is still negative. But negative times a negative is STILL positive. If you treat me negatively EXPECT it in return and then the WHOLE thing is positive.:P  Two wrongs don’t make a right?  Two wrongs CAN make a right. IT can stop things from happening again. It can make it so some MORON does not CONTINUE to walk on someone else. Saying “two wrongs don’t make a right” is usually  just used to not deal a problem, or people who are afraid to deal with a problem and  for abusers to oppress others, trying to ENSURE there is no resistance. Not that I’m getting away from the golden role, but some USE the golden rule to their own advantage, to allow the oppression  of others.
Put that in your pipe n smoke it!
A lot of abusers get away with WAY too much because of this.
Two wrongs can make a right. STAND up for what you believe in, Stand up for what’s right. EVEN if it’ requires a negative response. Abusers many times use “two wrongs don’t make a right” as an excuse to beat, abuse and hurt and not expect anything in return. But I think it’s really the enablers that perpetuate everything by saying it. They enable the situation to continue by not CONFRONTING the problem – somehow thinking “confrontation is negative” and that “two negatives don’t make a positive”. Even though math, and life don’t necessarily agree. It’s amazing what we can convince ourselves of.
Getting beaten is a negative, ridicule is negative, shushing is negative, gossip is a negative, and imposing your will on someone else is a NEGATIVE. And not standing up to it will never lead to anything good. Negative times a positive will never lead to a positive. So it is in Mathematics, so it is in LIFE.
Gandhi was a good example of this. He did NOT react. But he reacted in a non-violent way that brought about GOOD. People who don’t react end up being rugs that people walk on. If people don’t confront their problems, whether they be individuals, beliefs, or prejudices, things will never get better. Unless God intervenes… and that’s not always the best for everyone. Forces of nature  don’t tend to be much fun, but they do tend to bring people closer together. Hmmmm.
Does that make me a force of nature? Lol Or a force  to be reckoned with? HA!:p

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