Monday, May 2, 2011

I Swear.

Taking another hiatis for just a sec...:p

Ever since I've been working on this book, I've been swearing more. I think all this old  abuse crap thats been dredged up has brought some of the old me to the forefront. I thought I had it handled and that I had the swearing down to a bare minimum. Its a good thing, cause I go to church.:P

I have had some weird things happen in church. My phone went off one time playing Muse's "Absolution" during Sacrament. I guess its kind of fitting.(lol)  But not everyone has my taste in music. HAHA!

Another time "Wish You Were here" (By Pink Floyd) went off in church. That could also be fitting. HA!

But lately, the stream of swear words have been coming out of my mouth with more and more frequency

Again, those of you who have been reading my blogs know that when I'm angry, I swear like a sailor.
Well the ships sinking cause I'm not angry and I'm swearing anyway. (lol)  Its not me, not normally anyway.

When I was younger I sang at an old folks home.
I had just gotten into a song I thought would be sweet for Seniors called "The Wind Beneath My Wings"
Some lil old lady with Alzeimers kept yelling "SHUT UP'! When I was done I finally did..:p

Another time in an old folks home there was a choir with one of my sisters in a choir singing.
They started singing and a lil old lady in a wheel chair kept screaming "HOLY SH#T!! (They finally wheeled her out...Everybody was stiffling giggles)
Maybe THAT would be more appropriate for church. (Oh...I am BAD today!)

I had better watch out or I may end up a lil ol lady in a wheel chair screaming "HOLY SH#T"! as they wheel me out the door just to shut me up.


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