Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Reluctant Writer

I have never thought of myself as much of a writer.
I have Journals where I would go for almost a year without writing a thing.

I am realizing how writing makes you slow down,and refect. How things that went by SO fast seem to slow down, and dissapate a little. Almost like taking an old VHS tape out(If anyone even knows what THOSE things are anymore?:p) and slowing it down to look at it...maybe it works better with DVD's I dunno.:p

How its like turning an item in your hand and looking at it from every angle. If you look close enough, you discover new things about yourself.

Writing helps you to reflect.on who you are. You begin to see why you do what you do, and  who  you really are,.  The good, the bad and the UGLY. And somehow going through it nice and slow makes it easier  to take a long hard look,

I usually do things at high speed, running a hundred miles a minute, barely catching my breath till I'm off again...conquiring the world:

I am realizing, taking it slow is GOOD for me.

I am ALMOST done writing my thoughts about my moms journal down. Maybe: I'll let you in on it;) Maybe:p (Ok, ok...I WILL:P Just every time I think I'm done,theres MORE.)

I'm just trying to piece it all together.

Just be patient with me as I crawl out of my shell.

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