Monday, July 24, 2017

Jezabel and Sebastion: never parted ever again.

My cat Jezabel, died 3 weeks ago. I've been too heartbroken to post anything for the last weeks. She and Sebastion were best friends. This picture was when Buggy was sick (his nickname was buggy...he was relentless and would bug you until you gave him your undivided attention. The sweetest thing was when he would stick his little muzzle in your hand and keep nuzzling till you paid attention to him..

I'm sure I'll be writing about her soon and  what a sweet, amazing cat she was. This is what I wrote when Buggy (Sebastion) our dog (and her best friend) died. (The rest about Sebastion is on the right hand side in 2011.)


  1. My condolences. As my dad told me when my cat Lucy (a/k/a the Alarm Cat) unexpectedly died last November, now she gets to be in cat heaven…

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Kevin <3