Monday, June 19, 2017

The Best Response I Have EVER heard On The Subject Of Modesty (from a GUY with daughters on Twitter who posted it and it went VIRAL)

The other day I went to my blog and found some man had posted on a blog I wrote about how I almost committed suicide at 16 because my abusive father had "forgotten" my birthday. (I found out later it was on purpose.) Anyway,  the man on my blog posted about how I dressed like a "whore" and that "I shouldn't dye my hair" or wear make up  (hilariously, he was looking at my picture on here where I dressed up like a fairy...not that it matters,and WHY did he post what he did on my blog about suicide? It had nothing to do with it, BUT with that said... I will dress however the hell I wish to wear and if any man messes with me on it, (or freaking touches me) they will get their ass kicked, or handed to them.) No man will EVER tell me how to dress. This is in response to the idiot who was calling me a "little one"  (You wanna bet? This amazon could whip your ass!) And telling me to "Come back to God" (I already know who he is, I had a near death experience at 16 and the nature of God is LOVE, not the B.S. coming out of your mouth.)

Today this was on Facebook, and it is beautiful.

This is the best thing I've ever heard a guy say on the debate about modesty. I think EVERYONE needs to read this. SERIOUSLY. (2) (he's gay,(he also has daughters) and he brings up some seriously incredible points that are really, just common sense.)

"The main premise of "modesty" culture is that women need to dress in a way that doesn't provoke sexual response in men. Which is insane.
I think it is absolutely crazy that a man can look at a woman and say "I think you should wear something else, because seeing your skin
makes me feel aroused. And that arousal is strong and I haven't learned how to appropriately manage it. So please change your clothes."
This is BONKERS. Especially when men then start to claim that a woman is *worth* more if they dress a certain way. As if covering flesh
somehow earns a woman value, all because it doesn't evoke a sexual response in men. And then, if a woman DOESN'T do this?
Well now a man has the "right" to chastise a woman, call her names, say she is slutty and wicked. All because *he* is having a sexual response!
Newsflash: women's worth is STATIC. It is inviolable. It doesn't change with what she does or doesn't wear. It doesn't change with sex.
And a man's sexuality is HIS OWN RESPONSIBILITY.
Wanna known I know this? It's because in my whole life I have never told another man how to dress even though a man's body arouses me.
 I have never told a man he should put his shirt on on a hot day when he is on a summer run. I have never demanded modesty from a guy.
 I have never expected men to stop wearing loose basketball shorts just because they might be revealing to me and turn me on.
 In fact, I have had, my entire life, been in situations where men take ALL THEIR CLOTHES OFF RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (locker rooms, etc.).
And guess what? Even though I have felt aroused, I have never EVER blamed another man for that arousal. My arousal is about ME.Not him.
 I have never assaulted another man for this. I have never raped another man for this. I have never claimed a man was "asking for it."
A person's worth is static, inviolable, and begins the day they are born as a baby until the day they die. Clothes do not change this.
 And a man's arousal is HIS OWN DAMN RESPONSIBILITY. It is NOT the responsibility of the body that evoke's that arousal. Ever.
Straight men blaming women for their own sexual responses degrades women. And it dis empowers men. It excuses them from taking ownership of their own bodies. And it allows them to build fury towards what they covet. It's dangerous. It leads to assault. It IS rape culture.
My four daughters deserve better than this. They deserve to be safe. They deserve to wear what feels good to them on a summer day.
And they deserve to relish knowing that they are valuable no matter WHAT they wear. (You know, the same message men get from birth on!)"

Thank you Josh, from women EVERYWHERE. 

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