Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Note On The Mormon Church And The Letter They Are Going To Read Sunday To Congregations All Over The World About Gay Marriage...SHAME On You!

I am SO glad I have left the mormon church after some of my friends have leaked this letter so I don't have to listen to this drivel. (Yes, some who are in presidencies and congregations have let people know that this will be read in church Sunday as there are those that are NOT happy about it.... ) The letter is below 
I can NOT stand to see my gay brothers and sisters treated in such a way and I am glad I will not be sitting there- I would get up and walk out... there are people in those congregations who are gay and are no doubt feeling betrayed enough and hurt by the mormon church, whether it was through prop 8 or the calloused disregard for so many's feelings that are not being thought of when this letter is read this Sunday. I hope there will be no one there who will contemplate suicide over the shameful display of arrogance in this letter. When they wrote the P.R letter about Ordain women, it gave members licence to treat those of Ordain Women WORSE. (I wrote about that here) )

What will this do?
SHAME on them.
For all of those who have been cast out, downtrodden and for those who have lost their lives (through suicide and hate crimes) in this so called "labor of love" It is NOT ok. WHY is it so hard to let people simply be WHO they are??? Where the HELL is free agency and LOVE??? (Something the mormon church is supposed to be big on)
I am disgusted by their so called "righteous anger".
I am so sorry that I was ever a part of this church  that have hurt so many. (Just so you know- I have not believed any of that judgmental crap that has been thrown around...I got a LOT of bad treatment for my marriage equality sign on my lawn, but I have never hidden from anyone how I felt.) May there be many more like me and my brothers and sisters who really, truly CARE. I CARE damn it. That's why this rips me up.
Copied from Amy:
"I am probably going to tick a lot of people off with this status so proceed with caution.
"For much of human history, civil laws have generally been compatible with God’s laws. Unfortunately, there have been notable exceptions to that pattern." (cue talk about abortion (i.e. women's body autonomy) and same-sex marriage)
I'm sorry, but only a privileged, white, upper-to-middle class, cishetmale could have written these words. We are aware that for much of human history:
- women were property
- a woman was required to marry her rapist
- slavery was legal and lauded
- the segregation of whites and blacks was protected by law
- the ruling class literally owned the peasants and underclass
- killing of homosexuals was legal
If that's the God y'all are interested in upholding, have at it. As for me and my house, we're not. I'll stick with the radical Jesus who spoke against the righteous in their own eyes, protected the adulteress, elevated the poor, and redeemed the oppressed, thank you very much."

I add my favorite picture I took of an old hippie car here in Seattle in a nod to Amy's thoughts (Its the main pic on my Facebook page) 

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