Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Caitlyn Jenner- Who is right?

I would add transgender to that list.

Nobody wins and by judging each other in my mind we all LOSE.

I keep seeing differing views on Caitlyn Jenner EVERYWHERE.

Each side saying they are right.

One thing some of us are missing. We tend to take someone ( a celebrity or a group of people... for example a “Prophet “from the Mormon church some years back said in an interview  on TV that “Our women are happy”  turning women into things. How did he know that they are all “happy”?

When  you lump people into an entire group with no individuality, you don’t take into account that they ARE individuals. The Nazis did it with “the Jews”) “Transgender”  We turn them into a thing. Easier to judge them then. Its not an individual person with feelings. If we can do that, we can say whatever we want about them. We can even say a name, but that gives us nothing about who they really are. Their heart, or their struggles.

If I see one more bigoted post about Caitlyn Jenner I am going to start blocking some friends on Facebook.(Thanks heavens I've only seen a couple)

God is LOVE people.


When will we GET IT???

I heard from a friend on Facebook that someone was saying she (Caitlyn) should choose a more mature name.

As if they own her, her body or her name...

They don't. 

( I am adding some things here that I took from things I have said on facebook- for some reason I can’t take off the color)

I imagine she thought long and hard about the decision to change everything

I know some transgender people, and I have seen their pictures before (when they were another gender), and the feeling I got was, in my friends eyes before, they looked unhappy.  

In the pictures where they feel fully themselves, I can physically SEE the happiness in their eyes. EVERY single friend who has done this. It's like they are transformed from not feeling themselves, to finally BEING themselves. I see this in Caitlin's eyes too.

Some are saying she isn’t brave at all, that veterans of war are courageous.  But they say she is not.

You know what... both of those things are courageous to me.

I am not trying to dis vets here- some chose to go to war, some don’t but HOW they respond when in war is what makes them courageous.

But to put both side by side seems silly as war includes killing.

Being transgender or gay kills no one.

BUT speaking of killing...on the other end of the spectrum people who are bigoted have killed transgender or gay people and transgender and gay people have committed suicide because of bigoted people and the way they are treated.

To be courageous enough to be yourself in such a judgmental world where everyone is telling you who you are supposed to be... That is courage.

I use an  authors words here who slammed Caitlyn saying she is not brave.         

  • "A hero is someone who has done something brave or noble, who has sacrificed for others" . (The author said she didn't look at her (Caitlyn) as brave”.)I end that here

Tell that to someone who is transgender and who deals with bigotry. Who hear the whispers, who deal with hecklers every single day.

  • I just look at what Caitlyn did as brave and heroic because she is not only standing up for herself, she is standing up for those who have died because of bigotry or self inflicted death(suicide) because of others intolerance. She is paving the way for others.
  • Guess what? She has put her whole life out there for others to write horrible articles about and for people to try to drag her through the mud so others can stand tall.

  • YES, damn right she’s a hero.


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