Monday, September 8, 2014

"An Open letter to Feminist Trolls" (Yes, the men whose favorite words start with B,C,or S)

Warning, language (But I sure relate!!!) Sometimes, when I have written my blogs, I get these lovely messages posted publicly by men to my blog to suck their, well you know, or that I'm a slut (How do THEY know? Honey, I've been married 23 years!) or that I'm a c word which is basically telling me I'm a vagina, which basically every woman has, and walks around with every day (as the woman in this video attests too, which means I'm not so that's not really an insult...I think this woman explains it beautifully, though its sad that THESE men(who are kind of simpletons and seriously misogynistic if you ask me) always resort to these three or four words words WORDS. Which mean, well...NOTHING:p.

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