Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let It Gooooooo! (Video)

Funny..Last March I sang this song (I am a singer by trade- been in a band who was invited as one of 3 bands to be in Studio 7s "Battle Of the Bands" and would have gotten a contract if we won...IF I wouldn't have been Mormon at the time and played and gigged on Sunday: so don't be scared to click on   after the "inquisition" of a full month from my asinine bishop for my Ordain women profile where he took my temple recommend- I had been ridiculed at church (And my husband doing something called home teaching got bawled out by a member for my marriage equality sign in my yard- too damn bad! Its MY yard!) and just plain bullied by the Mormon Church Presidency in my area and this was my way of coping singing: I notice how tired and sad I look, but I was starting to let go... song I sang yesterday I look completely free and happy compared...Singing a song called "This is God" (I think it sums up EVERYTHING I feel about the world and how we should treat people. Its a song that is from "Gods" perceptive) I think there is a HUGE literal change in how I look...I am liberated from all the ridiculousness. And it actually physically SHOWS.

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