Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mother- Hood

I am up at this early hour because I am sick of being misunderstood.

Today, my husband and I received the second letter speaking on motherhood by a man.

This man acting as if they own the word motherhood as if it’s their own.

I want to tell him that as a man, he knows NOTHING about motherhood because; uh…he is a MAN.

My whole life, I have been told I am not “good enough”. From an abusive father, to my fight as a child to my inward fight as an adult from that voice that tries to tell me that my father is right, that what I have to give is “Not good enough” who I am is “not good enough”, to an abusive church system that despite all the talks TELLING me I am good enough, but whose actions tell me the exact opposite. (Do as I say, not as I do?) Telling us we someday will be Priestesses, but sorry, NOT on this earth- 

Even in the TEMPLE the covenants you make are to listen to your HUSBAND, In Initiatory (A special thing which I won’t talk about that is done in the temple) every part of you is given to your husband (not God) and your husband listens and makes promises to God, NOT to the woman. How does this make SENSE??? Maybe if he made promises to the woman, and the woman to the man, but again, in either case, what if they both are not righteous? Or not one of them? Isn’t God kind of the obvious choice for BOTH of them?

There is that fact that I and pretty much every woman in my church has been told I am good for one thing in my church…

It is the same thing as any good breeding stock.


 This comparison was made about women in the Mormon church… someone with great insight who isn’t even a member once said something to the effect that the LDS church treats women as any good rancher treats prized breeding stock. That the only thing they are good for is reproduction. 

That comparison shocked me but at the same time, I realized the more I thought about it, sadly, it rings true.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a child and I am proud of the fact that I am her mother. BUT, there is more to me than that. I have gifts and abilities that I am not allowed to use in my church simply because I am a woman. 
And not every woman can have children.

These are some of the reasons things need to change. Add to that that women are treated the way they are in the church, marginalized, put down, told by men what we need to be…

It’s time that after so many years of MEN telling us what we are, that WOMEN tell us what we need to be.

How about starting with ourselves.