Sunday, March 23, 2014

Told a Friend I wouuld post songs I've sung...I used to be in a band- We were one of three bands picked to be in Seattles Battle Of The Bands- Would have gotten a contract if I would have done it but I don't gig on Sunday...(Wrote the lyrics and melody to songs) but thought I would throw up some songs for my friend quick (And all of you to hear :) I am known as the chameleon in many circles because I can change up my voice depending on the song...And this is video so...You will see...ME! :)

Over the last months, I haven't really felt like singing because of the ordeal with my church ( that some of you have read about...)  I am finally back to my singin self...and promised a friend that I would throw up some songs so he could hear here they are...

A song that seems to embody what I feel about what has happened in the last months is "Let It Go" so after months and months of just not feeling like singing I heard this one when I sent to see Frozen...Such a beautiful message. "Let It Go" and be yourself!

This was a powerful, powerful song I sang some months before I sang "Let It Go" called "Overcome" It popped into my head one day as I was thinking about everything I have endured as I was going through this huge trial...

This is me as a dog...REALLY. ( I dressed up and stick my hair in two high up pigtails) Hallelujah...actually in my case its Hoooooooowlelujah!  (You KNOW I had to stick something silly in here...:p)

One of my favorite religious best friend from high school introduced me to it. Its called Blessings (I sang it once for Jennie and another time time Naomi a good friend from church...

Another religious song that I absolutely ADORE. I stumbled upon this band actually PERFORMING this song at a concert at Marymore parkin Washington!

Blue Bayou (One of my huz's favorite)

Santa Baby (Betty Boop/ madonna version :)

One of my favorite funky songs to sing...but apparently myhand is stuck to my ear...HAHA!!

THIS IS MY ROCK VOICE!! I am particularry proud of this song because most women who try to sing it kinda, honestly...SUCK ... I have a special gravelly/ funky voice I use for Crazy train,..when I performed it, people went nuts :P Don't be afraid...CLICK!

Amy Lee is one one of my FAVORITE rockers...Three of my favorite Evanescence songs...

What cracks me up is my hair and how short to how long it now...glad I grew it out..whew...most recent songs are at the top and oldest at the bottom...but I'm pretty proud of them...:)


  1. Hi Heidi! Maureen Edwardson here! It was great Nia Freeforming with you at the Hay Day! Take care and email me if you like!!

  2. Silly me...I went to check your email here and remembered I have your card...And if you have a sec...I sang Let It GO...I'm pretty proud of that :)