Saturday, April 27, 2013

Choking On My...Words?

Once again, God amazes me. My higher power, my strength when I am clueless, my big ol eye in the sky good guy:P
I was in a hurry, eating as fast as I could because I had to be to class when something told me to get a glass of water.
I did, and quickly stuffed what was left of a roll in my mouth, some broccoli and spaghetti...and immediately knew I was in trouble. Somehow the roll got stuck in my throat, and the spaghetti wrapped around it making a gigantic ball in my throat and the broccoli kinda went along for the ride.
I started choking and I couldn't get it out. I was panicking. It felt like the thing was growing into a big ball in my throat (Or maybe my throat was constricting around it I'm thinking...)
My husband was upstairs totally oblivious...
I tried drinking the water and nothing happened... and the thoughts going through my head were "Am I going to die? Am I going to be here convulsing with my husband upstairs? Is he going to find me on the floor dead?"
I tried one more drink of water, something FINALLY got loose and I swallowed that big ball of Spaghetti/roll/broccoli. My throat was on fire. I've never had my throat hurt so badly.
I can't believe I swallowed that thing, I know it was HUGE.
I've never had anything happen quite like that...unless you count my dad strangling me and one other time when I was little and almost drowned. (Those of you who read my blog already know that)
So this means I've come close to death 3 times...I was joking with my husband "Three strikes you’re out… Guess this means that I get to start all over”. lol...sorta:p  my husband said "That’s not funny:P
I woke up this morning with my throat on fire again but grateful thinking "Damn, it’s good to be alive!" feeling like I was going to cry.
This time it was my own fault...As usual God was the only one to get me out of it...
 I think that "something" telling me to get a glass of water was God. I think God must have been thinking..."oh boy, one of my kids is about to do something stupid again":p
As always, God has his/her eye on the sparrow.
So what is the lesson? So many times in life we all move along so fast until something, whether it be sickness, unhappiness, or a big ol wad gets stuck in our throat and we have to slow down before we drown/ choke/ lose who we are…
So if I go along too fast in life, I may end up choking on it instead of living my life’s purpose.  If I slow down and look around for a minute, if I slow down…that may change the way I see things.
Like how big a bite I should take.
Thank you God.
I think in my case I just need to take smaller bites:p

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