Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sebastion...the pup may have saved our lives.

Meanwhile Joe started looking up things. Wondering if maybe Buggys seizures were related to anything.
What he found was surprising. (I wish we would have found it before out lil guy passed. It could be another thing that may have saved his life. Hindsite is everything. But it SUCKS. I am posting this becasue maybe it could help some of you, I don't know) Joe found a LOT on black mold. That black mold had been known to cause seizures in animals, breathing related problems and pneumonia in humans. We had been pretty sick off and on for 6 months or more with major breathing issues. I clean every Thursday, but hadn’t done much with the windows and there was black mold around the house. ESPECIALLY on the windows. The way the YouTube videos explained it was that since its alive, the black stuff is excrement. Talk about goin to the toilet… The first thing we looked up is how to get rid of it…And surprisingly, vinegar kills 82% of the stuff, bleach just kills surface, but Hydrogen peroxide kills 100% of it. So depending on what color a persons walls in their  are, if its white straight hydrogen peroxide kills it dead. You have to spray the stuff on and leave it 24 hours though. Because its ALIVE. If its alive it can get into your lungs and wreak all kinds of havock. You can always just use vinegar with a bit of  hydrogen peroxide. Then you get out a scrubber after 24  hours and a FACEMASK, just in case anything is still alive in there, and you scrub.  After we did the entire house its amazing how much better we could breathe. Another plus…Every time you walk around the house it smells like a salt and vinegar potato chip factory. HA!
I hate to say that what happened to Buggy made us look, but it did. It may have saved our lives, because we were pretty sick (It also made us realize also that we just don’t want to rent a house anymore, so we’ve looked for a house and have just a few days ago put a bid on one. Crossing my fingers here)
We may have Sebastion to thank for our lives. Loyal, sweet little pup.

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