Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sebastion: Mr. Majestic (part 1- Sometimes you just can't write up a life in one blog)

These  last few weeks have been a  whirlwind of sickness, (Joe and I) dealing with my  mom’s journals where she talks about how horrible I am and doesn't say a word about  my fathers beatings,(I've been talking about that over MORE than  a month:) I’d rather take more than a month, though maybe I'll have to take a LIFETIME To understand it (I don’t have to explain that to anyone, though I guess I am) and so much emotional baggage. Baggage can be something you learn from, as long as you learn HOW to unload it. :p
Just as I’m unloading the unthinkable happens.
Our little Pomeranian Sebastian died...
When you lose a pet, it’s like a piece of you goes with the little critter. It leaves a hole that just cannot be filled. And your left moping about wishing you could turn back time to see them again and find some filler for that void. But there just isn’t one. Every pet has their own personality and no matter how you try to fill it, that one thing is irrevocably and miserably, GONE.
The hardest thing of all about a pet is that you know from day ONE when you get an animal that the day will come that you have to let them go.  
Its inevitable. And yet when it happens, your world seems that much smaller and your heart that much more broken. The world seems a little emptier and you’ll never be the same again. You’ve been touched by something uncomprehensible. The love of an animal. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, reptile… sometimes there is a bond there that nothing else compares to.
Somebody I know online said that animals are cooler than people. I agree. I trust their judgments more than most people I know. Animals are Gods little messengers.  They are pure, unadulterated LOVE. Anyone who has the love of a pet understands this.
Well, years ago, I decided I wanted a Pomeranian. My mom told me years ago a spitz (Related to Pomeranians- they are also sweet  lil fellas and great, tough sled dogs) had saved her sister while young from crossing a road. 
I just liked that they look like little foxes.
Sebastion came to us as a little fur ball…Joe had promised me a Pomeranian at some point and I had seen Poms at the pet store the day before. SO I got up bright n early, went to  the pet shop, and saw this sweet inquisitive face looking up at me, and I couldn’t resist. It’s like he picked me looking at me like that. It was as if he was saying, HEY! I’ve been waiting here a long time. Pick me! Pick ME! Bout time you came!
I called my husband, who was conveniently half asleep and reminded him of his promise. Lucky for me it was Mother’s day weekend. :p So instead of flowers THAT year, I got a little Pom.
I remember for 3 days he hung around me, (Probably cause I stuck him on a leash and he had no choice:p) me weeding the side of the house. I just could NOT think of a name for him. Then on the third day he looked up at me and “Sebastion” just popped into my head. The funny thing was, I looked it up and under Sebastion it said “Majestic”
I sent in his paperwork to the registry…I named him Sebastion Bark.(Like Sebastion Bach…you can roll your eyes now…I did:p) I don’t know why but it made me giggle. I’m kind of a strange breed myself:p
Yeah, that fits a Pomeranian to a T. They strut around like nobody’s business. Even if they aren’t show dogs, in their own mind, they’ve already won a ribbon.:p
Little did I know what was coming. (More to come)

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