Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sebastion: Mr Majestic: Part 3

Sometimes you can’t sum up a life in one blog- Kinda like the last Harry Potter book can’t be summed up in one movie. lol
Our dog was like that. Not that he was like an epic movie…but I’m sure if he could have told you, he would say he lived an epic life. (I think any dog would think that;) Everything is EXCITEMENT. FOOD!!! YES YES YES! WALK!!! YES YES YES. Your FINALLY HOME!!! YES! Rub me THERE! YES YES YES!!!
Poms are CONSTANTLY stimulated by their environment. I saw an episode of a Pomeranian being trained by a dog trainer and this lil guy (On the show) would get SO excited when anyone came in the door that he would spray pee EVERYWHERE. THAT is the Pom mentality. EVERYTHING is exciting.
When we would go for a walk, He would run in circles, sometimes tangling us up (Or tripping us up in the leash) in his excitement. 
There would be times that Sebastion would get SO excited that he would instantly go into run around in circles mode. We would say “RUN RUN RUN BUGGY!!!!!” and he would tear around the house in one long extended circle. If we were outside he would just tear off, devil may care face into the wind, tongue lolling out carving out a racetrack round the lawn. RUN RUN RUNNNNNN!!! YAHHHHH!
I was still trying to find a way to train him when I was coincidently at a friend’s house one day, and she was watching “Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer”(I’m sure he’s on YouTube or Animal Planet if you don’t know who he is, if you have a problem dog I HIGHLY recommend his methods)
It was AMAZING. It changed the way I looked at how dogs are. I got his book. I watched his show, got the dvd’s.  It turned my ferocious little pom into the sweet little guy he was meant to be.
It did not, however, happen overnight.
This was HARD work. And it took MONTHS.
My little pom would hear his name and would tear off in the OTHER direction. (Maybe he was directionally challenged. You know…like the football player who runs the wrong way?:p) Yeah... that had to stop. And there was a way.
The first advice that I remember Cesar giving to one woman on his DVD  was choose a movie or TV diva and be her. (At least in my case.) Men beware…this doesn’t work for you.(HA!) He was just trying to teach us to be the “Alpha” or lead “dog” in the relationship. Well, If I was going to be a kick butt dog trainer I would be  XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS!  Anyway, Little by little, I found the things that worked, I was CONSISTANT with him. No more being yappy or running the other direction when we called, no more running at the door, no more growling or biting Whit. He was a changed dog.
I even got him to the point before he was older where he would go jogging with me.  I had the leash with me, but not on him He would heel running by me the whole way without skipping a beat. Never ran after squirrels, or birds, or other dogs, once I trained him. Again, it’s all about consistency.  I won’t bore you with details…If you have a problem dog and your curious you can look up his techniques online.J
Dogs need consistency, kids need consistency, people need consistency, I need it too. No wonder it works.
As Sebastion  got older he just couldn’t go jogging with me anymore…He could barely make it to the end of the block. Going up the stairs became difficult. He would look at the stairs, even  the one little step that went to his favorite place (By the dining room table where he would get table scraps)with this wistful look in his eyes.  

(Darth BUGGY!)
His face, which had grown whiter with age, turned completely white, making his little face even more endearing. He seemed to get even cuter with age.(Kinda like Shawn Connery:p) His face looked like a little monkeys face with a widows peak at the top, framed with his still red and black tipped hair and white tail.
His tail made me laugh. It reminded me of a deer tail…Dark on top and white underneath. But it was like he got cheated out of his tail…Most poms have big poofy tails, but his was a little tiny tufted thing. When it was dark out and his tail was up it almost glowed in the dark. I could spot him a mile away with that little tail of his. But it was SO small. Funnier still was him trying to dominate the big TALL forest trees. The TEENY tiny little Pomeranian marking the forest trees in our back yard.
It might as as have been like  David trying to conquer Goliath.

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