Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Anniversary Of Her Death, And Yet, She Is Showing Me There Is Life.

(Pauline is int he green hat...I am the one in the middle with red blonde and black hair)

Soooo...I hear that this retrograde thing is going on along with a few other things...I haven't felt this down in YEARS. I think I am starting to feel a bit better because....

Pauline (my friend that died July 16th last year) seems to me as if she has sent messages over these last few days)

a white moth showed up in my front AND back yard when I was outside, and a hummingbird sat in front of me in my back yard .
Then it flew right in front of me and sat there contemplating whether it should drink from the flowers I had in my hand for a few minutes (it almost drank from one)
I had orange flowers in my hand in memory of my friend (some orange ones had just bloomed, her favorite color- strangely they died the next day, I kid you not...that they died so quick made me cry again.  ) the WHOLE day was hard.

Today a store that a friend told me about called "The Neverending Bookshop" popped up on my Facebook feed.
I had looked at it before but today I realized that its in Edmonds Washington which made me bawl.

Edmonds was our stomping grounds (I would drive her around even though I had to drive half an hour to an hour to get there...we would grocery shop...and her favorite place was by the ferry and the water.)

We would hang out at all the quaint shops downtown.

This shop is around the quaint shops downtown.

Oh My GOD. A woman who introduced me to this shop who helps small business owners told me she is going to introduce me to the shops owner.

I have an excuse to go back. Still sitting here crying.

Thinking too...yesterday I submitted the last request to the artist for the last picture in my second book in my "Bart The Bat" series "Bart Befriends A Butterfly" (That book is all about her. ) Coincidence? Maybe not.

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