Sunday, April 23, 2017

Trans phobia, The Treatment Of Gays, And The Passive Aggressiveness Of Mormonism

Its 2 am, but I had to get this off my chest. Good thing its the weekend.

This morning on Facebook I saw a post from a returned missionary (mormon) talking about calling a trans lady by their old name and how they made fun of him after he did. (to be fair, he didn't know at the time till he did it that they were trans...but the way he spoke afterwords made me wonder how many mormon guys treat people like this.) But to see someone attack someone in such a childish display on Facebook when that person wasn't even there was horrifying.

I knew this guy from way back before his mission and at times on his Facebook.

He would go on VERY unkind rants about others, usually with his friends virtually slapping him on the back with all kinds of immature  "bro code" kind of talk.
One time I saw a picture of him with a friend who had taken a picture of an older person on a park bench.

They were silently making fun of that person behind their back while that person slept on the bench.

It really disgusted me.

The insensitivity of his comments (not to mention his friends Facebook comments towards this person that they didn't even know made me sad that they could through their comments turn a person into a "thing" instead of a living, breathing person with feelings and for Gods sake WORTH... into their own personal punching bag.
THIS time he was offended by a person who is trans getting angry at him because he called her the wrong name.

The GALL of this kid and the PRIDE!

They (he and his mormon friends) proceeded to call her all kinds of names on his post...
He/she and disgusting enough, among other slurs, IT. Thank God that person wasn't there to hear it. But I know there were people who are gay who read what he wrote, and whether he knew or not, he just kept spewing HATE.

( On a side note...for Gods sake, this person was taught a persons worth on his mission...)

And his friends were actually talking about how "if they were there, they would have punched this person that was trans!

My daughter and I (and others) spoke up talking about what we know of people who are trans and how they can be so horribly treated, not to mention how over 40 gay or trans people have committed suicide in Utah because the mormons had an announcement which basically was about shunning gays and making kids pick at 18 between denouncing their gay parents and going on a mission, and not letting children who have a gay parent be baptized.... having to denounce them, out LOUD (making the kid choose between their parents and the freaking church??? How cruel!!!) 

The FIRST thing he did after I commented was attack me personally on a public forum saying "You left the church because you "can't" have the priesthood. He also attacked my daughter as she has left too.

Sorry man, you don't own the right to the priesthood, God does, so I don't believe that God plays favorites as that church teaches. There are places that are starting to recognize that God doesn't play favorites. Women give plenty of blessings to help others...and believe me, you don't need the mormon church to do it. I myself have given blessings, and I don't believe that God hears me any less than you. To think he does is pure arrogance.

I said Ok, since you attacked me about this on a public forum and obviously have NO clue as to why I actually left, I'm going to TELL you why. The Priesthood was only part of it. Learning about Joseph Smith being a pedifile and that he told families that if they didn't give their 14 year old daughters to him as his wives  meant that "They wouldn't make it to the celestial kingdom," the ban on the priesthood with blacks ( what is up with the "God never changes, the church never changes" and they make God their excuse to be bigots? Same lame excuse used for centuries...and in the crusades to kill people!) 

The churches announcement about gays was the last straw. People have committed suicide over what they did,  I won't be a part of a church that throws people away and treats them like  they are worthless because someone won't "conform." 

That is when I resigned. 

My personal definition of organized religion is that it is mans excuse to play God. 

I will NEVER be a part of any church, ever again.

I don't need a  church to be spiritual and to tell me the nature of God. I have always known it. I think we all have it intrinsically whether we know it or not. My near death experience at 16 told me that, it just took me a little while to get there.

I think we are all connected. It's in the way we feel when there is a tragedy, and the way we feel for  people who have been hurt .

When people triumph its the same thing. How we can soar! Oh the indomitable human spirit!

Or when someone is attacking another person. We want to do something. Whether we do or not (and the reasons behind it) is up to us.


This pitting us against each other through bigotry despite what can be our good nature and love for each other.

But this us against them mentality.

That is NOT God.

That is learned.

Fighting for another's dignity. For decency and tolerance and LOVE.

That is where I personally see God.

This kid and his friends tried to call my daughter and I "ignorant" and "psychotic" and tell us we had "small brains" specifically telling us, by name, to "shut Up" stop acting so "butt hurt" and to "sew on some balls." 

The best one (not!) was the excuse that "until  they legally change their name, I refuse to call them any name but the one they were assigned at birth!" 

That is when that ignorant kid told his friend who said that "THANK YOU!" as if somehow not respecting someone who is trans is ok and that they don't have the right for people to respect their wishes and simply call them the name they have fought so hard for. My daughter brilliantly brought up the fact the if someones name was Ed, and you call them John, you simply say sorry but he still argued with her and said it was his right to his opinion and how DARE she try to change his mind.

People have a right to their own opinions, but this is just flat out bigotry.

I told him as a returned missionary I had hoped that he would learn some humanity, but that with the immature comments of he and his friends I was afraid he was the same.

Then this at least 21 year old "kid" and his friends kept saying that "they were only "joking" with their comments. Textbook mansplaining. It is infuriating!!!

And he  said and "I have all of these things to deal with and a college loan to pay off" 

Poor white privileged kid, whose mother has given him so much. Pretty much everything. 

Oh the entitlement of boys pretending to be men! He has no CLUE.

I emailed his mother a link to the bigotry he was spewing at my daughters request, but she said nothing. I've always looked at her as a kind woman, but she said nothing to me about it. Not one word. Which makes me sad if she secretly condones it, I really,REALLY hope not. She always was so kind in the past. 

But sadly, I do remember being at her house and hearing her son say, when he didn't like something "that's so gay" and his friends would be laughing when he said it...and she didn't say a word to stop it.

I'd rather think that somehow she just didn't see my message. I hope that's it.

Well, My daughter and I ended up tag teaming... he tried to tell her, in many, MANY words that he was smarter than her and his friends kept telling anyone who spoke up for people who are trans to shut up,

My daughter who always knew all the mormon seminary scriptures by heart, along with taking 3 A.P COLLEGE courses on psychology and other courses in high school, went to BYU where she learned at least 4 MORE years doctrine and has a degree in Nueropsychology,.. 

She totally schooled his ASS. (so proud of her for standing up to a bully like this!)

He deleted his thread. (FINALLY. Ether his mother saw it and said something, or he finally came to his senses....but the way he was talking... the venom and his bigotry... sadly...I doubt that's gone.)

People like this (my daughter and the others who spoke up) will always make me believe the world can be put right again.

Even with that idiot Trump in power.

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