Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Thoughts On GMO'S (Over years of Studying Up On GMO'S And Being Sick, And Trying To Get Well) This Is What I Found

My husband and I were talking about GMO'S some years back (before the GMO debacle and organics were a popular thing and we were searching the internet for good sources...Over years of study because of the serious health issues (I dealt with asthma, eczema, sleep apnea, and reynouds, where your hands or toes turns blue...I know one online friend who had it in her breasts and it would happen when her baby was feeding! (its related to rheumatoid arthritis...a circulation issue where you can lose fingers and toes.)  I have I learned a LOT. (the years I'm talking about includes years of calling different companies to check on products to see if they were safe for me to eat or drink.

Here is  some good information that we found over years of study. From me to you.

You can make your own deductions.

Thoughts on GMO’s

Playing God

(My husbands thoughts here) First, my opinion, western science has a habit of “Knowing everything”, until something new is discovered, or something goes seriously wrong.. Then it’s fixing, adjusting and then we’re back to “knowing everything” again... It’s fine, when you're testing on Mice, it’s an easy fix..

Destroy the test subjects, study them, and then adjust.. But in this case, when it comes to the current GMO foods, I feel that we (people) are the test subjects.

Some blindly trust the scientists, and the government, and assume that they would never let anything happen to them.. Or maybe it’s that, if things go wrong, they feel that the scientists are smart, they will figure out how to fix it and make it better..

So I guess the first question is, how much testing went in to verifying that the GMO’s are safe for humans?

(Back to me)

Here's the best information we could find out there on the subject...get ready to feel like your back in college. ;p

GMO's in general..

How GMO's are made:

Studies in safety:

Nature Reacting to GMO’s


Companies and Economics involved in GMO's

Corruption of companies, Intimidating and Blacklisting of Scientists, individuals, and Organizations...

Products Monsanto has made in the past: a few include: Round Up, Saccharine,Agent Orange, Aspartame, Bovine Growth Hormone,Atom Bomb,PcBs...The article explains each product and the problems with them in the past in depth.

The Amazing Revolving Door: How Monsanto's former employees have infiltrated the FDA

 Jeffrey Smith:who made a doccumentary called Genetic Roulette and talks about 10 reasons to avoid GMO's (Its to the right of the screen if your curious)

(March against Montsanto- and news video: Bernie Sanders speaks in this one among others) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aNUBNFsM6Y

Goverment Infiltration by the Biochemical companies

Lawsuits against small farms and Organic growers

What monstanto says:
what actually happens:

Farmers strike back:
(Protection of farmers from Accidental contamination from someone else’s field) http://thinkprogress.org/health/2013/06/11/2133121/appeals-court-monsanto-not-sue-farmers/?mobile=nc

Government Protection of the Biochemical Companies

Oh, and by the way. I eat organic now. These days I don't worry about an inhaler because I don't have asthma attacks. I don't have sleep apnea happen (which was terrifying...you wake up at night gasping for air) and my hand hasn't turned blue in YEARS. Coincidence?

I think not.

You are what you eat.

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