Sunday, November 13, 2016

To Every Single One Of Us.

I'll admit I have been walking around in a daze just heartbroken.

 But today at the YMCA ( A place I go to swim) A woman who looked despondent talked to me about the election and I hugged her...
Then I went to the store and had a bag full of Costco vinegar and some doofus that works there cut in front of me with a million carts when I was going to get a cart.

My back was killing me and I was worried that I was going to throw my back out... and as usual I overdid it.:

 I was so angry! I said I'm just trying to get a cart a****** This bag is HEAVY!!!

Not proud to say I totally lost my cool.
Then, a few minutes ago I was in another store a minute ago when I saw the veterans and a woman walked by and said "peace love and tolerance to you..." I just started crying.

I think I am so stressed out because of all of this... being a woman it's hard enough.

I can't even imagine what minorities and LGBTA people are feeling right now)

All of this with the election in the U.S.A.... I am so triggered...

I've been wondering for the past few days what's going to happen to women's Reproductive Rights.

I've been wondering how men are going to act towards women as his getting in his seem to have emboldened so many in the worst way.

I've been wondering about gay rights as I have a bisexual daughter... and at this moment in time I am terrified for the future of this country.

That woman at the veterans table: She  reminded me of Tolerance and peace and love.

 She and I just stood there and hugged.

For now it's enough.

Where is tolerance, peace and understanding and love?

If we choose to, It is in every single one of us.

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