Sunday, November 13, 2016

Protesting In America

Protest is what this country was founded on. 

Some Trump supporters who are saying protesters need to be put in prison, beaten and even shot or killed for protesting need to go somewhere like say....CHINA, or maybe North Korea and see how you like it.
This is AMERICA.
You don't like being called names or being called out on your shit?

How is beating up people right? Calling people names, writing the name Trump and racist slurs on people's cars and property, hurting women wearing hijabs (and acting like the protesters are just lazy when some of them may have come from hours away to protest and at least got off their butts and did something about it, peacefully.) 
How is trying to force your way gonna prove to everyone that you aren't backwoods hicks or just outright misogynistic bigots???

You don't like being called that? Then stop ACTING LIKE IT.

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