Friday, July 29, 2016

Organized Religion Is Just Man's Excuse To Play God

Organized religion is just men's excuse to play God. (A while back, that occurred to can use it as an original Heidi quote...:p)

It has hurt more women,made more women turn on each other in the name of religion when we could be helping each other, given more men an excuse to beat women and kill men,created more bigotry and forced us all into a collective guilt trip that makes us believe we will never be good enough to get back to God.

It is a SHAM. (This is just from the Book of Heidi : some of you know my story- if not go to June of 2014 and read my story)

I have seen people who already feel bad enough, feel WORSE because of the lie that is religion

I realize though that for some people religion brings them comfort.

But for me,

God is LOVE. It will always be so.

THAT is my religion.

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