Monday, February 3, 2014


I am a HUGE Seahawks fan…When we are doin well I wear my Seahawks dress to church. I’m pretty proud of that thing. When we are not doing well I tend to feel like a mom who can’t watch her kids do badly and I have to turn away.

The year we went to the Superbowl with Matt Hasselbeck, I bet someone that the Seahawks would win the Cowboys.

I got a free Matt Hasselbeck jersey out of it.

But then we lost the Superbowl. I think Hasselbeck completely carried the team and was an incredible player. But 1 person can only handle so much pressure and shouldn’t have to. I still am mad at the Steeler Alumni refs who stole our super bowl, AND our touchdowns.

I was in the stadium when the defeated Seahawks came home. I had a BIG sign that said


Not only that but for years afterword’s I had a Superbowl sticker on my car that I changed partially in black marker that said “STUPIDBOWL”. I’m still mad about that.

Now let me tell you about my winning streak.

Over years, I have put my name in drawings to win things at my husband’s work, my work, and anywhere else… I once won a singing contest for valentine’s day for KOMO radio here in Seattle for singing “I’ve Got A Crush On You”. I don’t know why, but I always win.

THIS year…I have had WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much fun with a guy friend on Facebook… The conversation went something like this…

Me- "So since the girls wimped out(;p none of the girls would bet me) do any of the boys want to bet me a Superbowl jersey that they win? (Seahawks Jersey for me if I win and I'llI buy a Broncos jersey for you if you do) anybody game? Damien? Ryan? or any other rabid fan that I know? This year...FINALLY were gonna WIN! Seahawks...YEAH"!!!!

Ryan: “ I would totally take that bet if I were at all in control of the checkbook, Heidi dear!”

ME-    “Lol Ryan:p”

Ryan      “Doof”.

Me-“ Yeah, we know who is control of the checkbook at my house;p Guess its the same”

Damien “hope your superwoman cape rips off and smacks Russell Wilson in the face on a game winning drive” . (My profile pic is Wonder Woman on Facebook cause I dressed up like her wig and all…:p)

Me-“It will make him FLYYYYY”!

Damien-“ that’s ok too....cuz that’s a penalty.... well....unless you have the refs from the niner game...smh"

Me-"Haha" ;p

Me- “So anyone else game? Or no one else brave enough to bet me”?

Me-“I see lots of Seahawks logos on peoples profile pictures so there's not many people to bet...And the Empire State Building has our colors too because we beat out the Broncos in a vote...anybody brave enough to bet me”?

Damien " Sure...”I'll take it...but you'll owe me a Niners Jersey... And of course everyone you see on your profile has Seahawk pictures....smh....thats”

Me-“Ok, I'll bet you that Damien. GAME TIME!  (Well, Sunday anyway)(I may be yelling at the TV a little louder than usual this year:p And if Broncos lose I will get you some 49ers consolation stuff anyway”

Damien-"ha. ha. ha".

Me “PICK UP WIND”;p lol Te he.... Ok, so if Broncos win I will get you a 49ers Jersey...So we on”?

Damien- “ should just buy it”

Damien “It's on like Donkey Kong”!!!!!

Me- “I'm lookin at it as the wind in my sails that the Seahawks will win this year!  At Damien”...;p

Damien-“And you have to take a picture of yourself wearing that jersey”...

Me- “Oh Yeah? You mean of the Seahawks one you’re gonna get me when I win”

Me " Ok...I'll do that":)

Me-“Now you and Ryan can yell at the TV when Seahawks win. Were gonna swoop down and poop all over the horses. Oh...I can't believe I just said that”...

Damien- "last I checked....the weather was good...

Me-“Yeah, if you’re a popsicle!”!

Damien-  50 degrees isn’t cold....besides....the Broncos have played in that weather but not the Seaducks!

Me  “Ok, so were on for Sunday January 30 2114”

When Seattle put a 747 up that had the Seahawks logo I stuck it on Facebook…and HERE WE GOOOOOO

Damien- “They better not fly it on Sunday...cuz it's going to go down”!!!! lol

Me- “Legion of boom! ( in your yard haha!)”!!!!:D

Damien-  “Little Seahawk Lego plane.....awww....legion of thump...hehe”.

Me-“LEGION OF DOOM...FOR YOU! ;p Bowing coming soon to a neighborhood. On YOU! (R HOUSE) KA-BOOOOOOOOOOOM! Lol” HEE HEE!!!

Damien- “more like aaaa-chooo! Lol”

Me-Lol  “More like the full blown FLU VIRUS!!! Gonna STOMP YA”!

Damien-“its ok cuz the broncos have the vaccine!!!! Lol”....

Me-"Risk of Human-to-Human Spread of Deadly New Bird Flu Virus Higher Than Previously Thought". Lol There is NO CURE!

Damien- “They are going to stomp you!!!! Seahawks don’t stomp....they”

Damien -"Pfft.....I am the cure....bird flu proof"!

Me-"Grab and STOMP. ( Hermione sais Flick and twist)"

Damien –“you are going to look great in that niners jersey....cant wait”!!

Me-“Oh yeah??? Well this will look great on me:P(Picture) On the off chance you win which one you want”?

Damien Henderson- " since you said torture....Crabtree will do!!!! lol"

Me-“I thought so”...

Me- “I might have to get Sherman...but honestly, I'm trying to decide if I like Wilson on Lynch better...on the fence...Just that ball slap was a once in a lifetime...and man, if that didn't get us to the Superbowl, I don't know what did"...(Not his” (I’m getting Wilson)

Me-"His (Ians) choice in colors is atrocious. Lol... Bad fashion choices leads to a LOSER!! Dress for success dude"!!!

Me- "(your comment still made me laugh though)"; p

My seeing “Frozen” (The movie)..That wasn’t even exempt…lol…my status…”Saw Frozen..loved it”

Damien- "Like the Seahawks defense".

Me- "Or you mean like Payton Manning when he gets run over by our DEFENSE! Our mojo is STRONG!”

When the game started it started out in our favor and just didn’t stop. It was almost as if the Broncos put Vaseline on their ball and we had magnets on ours…talk about two completely different ways for the ball to go for each team, almost as if the ball just gravitated towards the Seahawks. 

The first touchdown, how the guy just walked over everybody…that was cool…and the ball getting taken by our team over and over…It got to the point where I was posting on Facebook like…"Oh…there’s the ball. It’s OURS. AGAIN! HEHEHHEHE! And WHOAH!!! Just got the ball from PEYTON MANNING"!!! 

And posting memes like this…lol and no touchdowns until after the first quarter…

Someone posted…22 and 0!!! First complete half time shut out since Super Bowl 35!!! Soooo I posted “Ryan…I just talked to the Seahawks and I made them promise they would give the Broncos ONE touchdown before we win, LOL! ;p HEE HEE!!!!!…” before the one and only touchdown…I find that hilarious.;p . But I’ll admit even I felt bad for Peyton Manning. He is normally such an incredible player.
So “First touchdown of the game to Broncos finally happened...even the Seahawks clapped for them...cause they felt just got another one...meh...were stlll ahead…At least they don't have to lose with no points lol”

Near the end of the game the boys had gotten the ball so many times, and scored so many touchdowns that I think they started to get seriously excited. That’s when it started to get funny….and dangerous…lol… this is what I posted “Ok boys stop getting so excited that you knock your own players out ”. HAHA!!! 

Yeah…Sherman got hurt by one of his own teammates… Weird…but kind of funny in a sad kind of way…though I feel sorry for him. Others are saying its Karma…but that Peyton Manning had the class to go and see how Sherman was doing after the game speaks volumes about the guy. Sometimes it’s what you do off the field, even if you don’t win that shows what kind of man you are. That Sherman tweeted afterword’s that “I could learn a thing or two from Peyton Manning” says a lot…maybe he will mellow out. (Even though that head smack from Crabtree was pretty uncool…)I hope so because he really is a VERY good player. Despite that, Sherman is the reason we GOT to the Superbowl…

The real class act of the day to me was Russell Wilson talking about his dad saying "Why not you"? Being told he was too small to play and despite that beating ALL the odds. What an incredible player, not to mention a team leader. Inspirational even. Telling the team "Why not us" carrying on the tradition from his father. Pretty classy guy.  I think I'm going to be wearing the number 3 from now on

Which made me giggle…and the conversation….

Paree -"Omg! Heidi will love this one"!


Me-"I'm a gittin me a SHIRT"!!

Me-"Note Damien is"

Paree -"Duly noted".

Damien " what size?? smh"....

Me-"I must say, those are COOL jerseys! (The Seahawks;p) Lol"

Me-" gonna sing me a song?";p (We are both on a karaoke site)

“We are the Champions? And wear a wig? You can even wear falsies. I’ll get a large women sized Jersey…just for you."



Damien-" grrr".....

Awwwwwww…sing me the song of my PEOPLE! ;p


  1. I'm very much enjoyed reading this you are an amazing writer! Love you girly!

  2. Muah Shel! And your prediction came true! WOO HOO!! I felt sure this year is the year...and YEAH! it was...and WOW WHAT A GAME!!