Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St Francis And The Bird

I am a big bird lover. (I like the small birds better though)

Canaries are masters at improv and singing
If  you limit yourself to a few birds, (Which I did) it is absolutely breathtaking. And friends of mine are surprised to see that I can whistle like a canary...

I can get pet store canaries to sing:P... Employees at stores are surprised and walk up asking "IS THAT YOU????"

Here's a video with me singing and whistling like a canary (I do the whistling especially long at the end...) and BONUS...A HUMMINGBIRD SHOWED UP...and left right as I finished the verse- BOY what memories...my hair was much shorter then. :P)


I had a beautiful canary aviary at one point in a room in my house with branches and plants... even had babies and a daddy canary who would feed the mamas as I left the cages open so he could feed them when they sat on eggs. 

There is a story about a canary mom whose baby died, and refused to leave it. The daddy would feed her, then little by little covered up the baby with newspaper till it was covered completely and the owner gently took the baby out of the cage.  And the mom flew back up to her perch. What a sweetheart of a bird, to do that for her.

Birds are a LOT smarter and sweeter then any of us realize...(and sometimes little deviants :p) I had one canary who would unexpectedly land on my shoulder and watch me do my makeup, and another female who would try to sneak up on the other females and eat the eggs, bastard of a murderess. ;p (she got locked in her cage unless I was there, she could be ferocious though- she would BITE!)

Knowing what I do about birds, If any of you have (and I know you have) had birds fly in front of your car - I'm telling you- its a GAME. A GAME!

They all have little, no wait, BIG personalities, that's for sure!

So how could I not love "St Francis And The Bird."

It sums up my feelings towards these beautiful, innocent creatures who we are so lucky to have in this world.

I heard this story of St Francis And The Bird as a very simple story and I don't know who wrote it. (Please if anyone knows who wrote it tell me...) but I have majorly embellished it...It appeals to my inner storyteller so I took some time today to re-write it... I love St Francis- ( There is a a statue that I have in my back yard of St Francis.)

So here is the story, with my embellishments... :)

St Francis And The Bird

A little bird used to greet St Francis every morning singing.

But one day she went to the window, and St Francis was not there.

Wanting to find her friend, the little bird went and asked every animal who knew St Francis if they knew where he was, but nobody knew.

Then she asked the wise old owl...

The wise old owl said "I am so sorry, but St Francis has gone to heaven."

To which the little bird said "If he has gone to heaven, then I want go there too! "

And she flew, as high as she could, soaring high above the trees but it still wasn't high enough. she kept trying, and TRYING, she HAD to find her friend!

She flew higher and higher! 

And she felt her wings grow weaker and weaker, her little heart beating wildly in her chest.

Her wings felt heavier and heavier and she looked up, begging them to take her higher.

But she knew she could go no further. 

In exhaustion she closed his eyes as her body gave out, her little body plummeted towards the earth.

If she could not be with her friend, then there was nothing else she wanted.

Suddenly, the wind picked up, the clouds parted , and the sun shone on the face of St Francis. 

The little bird looked up, surprised see the smiling face of her dear friend St Francis. 

It gave the little bird hope and her wings suddenly didn't hurt anymore.

In an instant the wind caught the little birds wings and carried her up, up! Upward... into the arms of St Francis. 

She was singing wildly with love, finally in St Francis loving arms!

And that is why all animals go to heaven.

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