Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Burn Baby Burn! (The King Triton/ Little Mermaid incident.)

You ever had a flashback?
I just did.  I was standing way across the room when it happened...
It’s a good thing, because an exploding dish of rising rolls flew past me.
Now whether it was the rolls rising that made it explode or the fact that I had turned on the burner under the rising rolls to make Mozzarella cheese (How I would do that is anyone’s guess ;p) I heard a loud KABOOM! And turned to see projectiles whizzing off in every direction.
Atomic bomb glass pan? Terrorist plot?
Nah, just me. lol
 This rivals the time that the oven was off and I put my 5 year old daughters fully frosted cake with the Little Mermaid and King Triton in it.
The cake was inside the oven ( I was hiding it from my daughter ) and somehow the oven got turned on.
I opened the oven to find a flaming King Triton and a melting Little Mermaid... lol (I had worked SO hard on that cake!) And all I could smell was burned rubber.
What was even worse was all the little kindergarteners in my daughter's class were standing behind me screaming watching King Triton burn...
That was when I decided Whitney would never invite her entire class to her birthday party ever again .;p

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