Thursday, April 4, 2019

"The Bat That Came To Breakfast" FREE On Kindle TODAY Saturday April 6th!

Amazon link:

H.D. and I were talking...I am a very persuasive bat...of course she saw things my way! Friday and Saturday I and my alter ego (Bart and H.D or H.D and Bart :) will be giving away free copies of "The Bat That Came To Breakfast." on kindle as part of an Amazon promotion. Tell your friends, neighbors, and family so they don't miss out! (We will also do another promotion closer to Easter because who wouldn't want "The Bat That Came To Breakfast for Easter? :) )

If you enjoy the book, please feel free to give a review (as we all know the only reason we all click on "buy" is because we see great reviews...) Bart and his human say thanks! (they worked very hard on this book for years to get it right only took six years to to get it right! (And a great illustrator)

(For those of you overseas, I'm not sure the kindle version will download, (A friend from England downloaded it, so it worked for her, but I'm not sure if it will work for the rest of you who are overseas (know its not because of this bat...I want to give it away to everyone that wants it..but Amazon would be the one that is in charge of this...My Illustrator from Serbia tried to download it and Amazon would not allow her to do it!)

Then go be friends on Bart's goofy Facebook page for updates (this is a series)

And to find out more about how H.D met a real bat (and had to get the bat out of her house) Pictures included!

Link to the free book (Friday and Saturday its free)

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