Monday, August 15, 2016

Star Trek and Suicide Squad

I saw two movies today and it got me thinking...

One was "Suicide Squad"...with seriously sassy chick Harley Quinn who acts dumb, but is actually VERY smart (psychologist gone "mad" smart) She "sirens" up and then kicks their asses.. (basically she  plays on men's "stupidity- could look at it two ways, dumb blonde, or SMART blonde who PLAYS stupid so she can lure men into the cage where she is to again...kick their asses for messing with her...)

There were scenes of men beating up women, talking down to them...honestly pissed me off.

WTF is wrong with Hollywood???
THEN we saw Star Trek "Darkness" and I think I just met my all time favorite female character EVER. "Jayla."…/173316-jaylah-in-star-trek-beyond-w…
Damn...she kicks ASS. AND is smart as hell. The only other character I've liked that much is the red haired elf in The Hobbit series...

There needs to be more kick ass women in movies...women who stand on their own 

On a side note... interesting,,,
I've noticed something..Star Trek is one of the first movies that treats women equally, in my mind anyway...and not just like eye candy.

Also, movies lately have been showing gay men and women...  

I think its the evolution of this century...

Like when they started showing African Americans and white people as couples way back when in the movies...
We ARE evolving. 
And when we look back we will see how this century changed. And see those that forged the path. 
And yet (sigh) There are still those who fight it...
For example:
When I was at the Star Trek movie, in the movie a gay couple walked through an area with their child...

Some IDIOT at the theater yelled "Don't ruin the movie for us!!!!

I yelled " Its PERFECT the way it is!" And then I stewed...then it hit me that I COULD have said "NO! YOUR ruining the movie- SHUT THE FUCK UP." And I sat there thinking I wish I would have said that for nearly half the movie.

The bigotry of some people!!!!

We apparently still have a long way to go.


  1. Why is it that women kicking men's asses is okay, but men kicking women's asses is somehow wrong? A little double standard on your part. That door swings both ways. Either beating on another human being is wrong no matter the gender, or beating on another human being is acceptable no matter the gender. Your hypocrisy is showing.

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  3. Good point, and I agree with you. But if a woman is being attacked I'm GLAD she is fighting back. Men or women who hurt people get what they deserve if they attack anyone with intent (as per these movies(since that is what this is) I was beaten and almost killed by my father - in real life. (if you have read my blog you would know this.) None of this has to do with what you think is my so called "hypocrisy". But if someone is, in REAL life, man or woman BEATING or raping someone, you can bet your ASS that I don't agree with it.