Thursday, July 11, 2013

Walking WIth Angels

I just found out from my best friend in high school that a beloved friend (I think he was EVERYBODIES friend and one of the best things about that crappy high school that I went to) that Trent just died.

I was just telling someone about him last Sunday who has a daughter in a wheelchair who in some ways, reminds me of him.

Trent would go tearing around the high school in his wheelchair with high school girls running every which way...we would have races to see if he could catch us. He would go screaming around the corner trying to "get us”... wheelchair screeching and we girls giggling like schoolgirls.

OK, well, we were.

I have never met anyone who didn't speak but said so much with no words. (Though he sure could scream with total abandon!!) You could hear the pure joy in his voice.

He had so many troubles, (I think he had cerebral palsy)  but you wouldn't know it. For someone with hardly any use of his limbs, you wouldn't know it with the way he attacked life with TOTAL abandon and LOVE..

Trent, I know where you are.

NOW, you’re walking with the ANGELS.


  1. I am so moved by this. Thank you for sharing this I'm glad I clicked on the icon I had saved on my tablet of your blog I have been sort of numb lately with life going on here at home with the troll I'm living in a great area that I'm not happy with as it is darkness that I understand and bright sunny happiness that I loaned before it's the grey that I just bewilders me love you heidibug!

  2. Love ya too Shel Bell!:) You'll figure things out.