Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blame It On The A.D.D (Me on DRUGS??? I Don't Think So!)


Today I was asked if I would ever take medication for a slight case of A.D.D. (ahhhhh well…we ALL know that I’VE  got it:p) My brain goes a mile a minute. My counselor sais my brain is like a place with MANY rooms where one wall falls down (because I have another thought) and then another and another and I’m constantly trying to put them back up…
Now where was I? lol…
These are the things I told this person…
This is how strongly I feel about people not being put on psychiatric drugs...
This video sums up my feelings... and to me is amazingly accurate and the best video out on putting kids and adults on medication.
For me, burying who you are by taking medication is just like putting a band aid on a wound that really just needs time and care to heal.
 I liked this video so much that I gave a version of this as a talk/ activity at a youth conference where I taught about judging people... I had different teens put on a t shirt (5 or 6 of them) and had things like on the video and had the teens guess what the people were underneath...It turned out really well and the teens totally hammed it up…till they realized the severity and the reality of it. I think they realized how true it really was. We do it, (judge and label people) and then we give a psychologist a prescription pad to a quick fix.
As to my own feelings about medication, I am flat out against medication. BIG TIME. (As a side note...,(Look up what each medication actually is…and you see drugs we encourage kids NOT to take. They have just been re-named and stuck into pills for people who are depressed, or have trouble concentrating, etc…)  giving speed to kids me or anyone else is the last thing I would EVER put myself or anyone else on...I know there are different types of drugs, but in the end it amounts to the same thing.
Drugging children. Or adults, which I think does just as much good. It does absolutely NOTHING good. (In my mind anyway.) The only thing I see are people who lose who they really are and anyone I’ve seen on medication LOSES their ability to cope and work things out. I do know there are exceptions, but I haven’t seen one.
School shootings, all the violence in school, I attribute to kids being put on medication. There is a web site that shows how many kids who were on medication were involved in school shootings  Y http://www.cchrint.org/school-shooters/ You look at the side effects of all the drugs and it’s much, MUCH worse than the so called "cure". It’s a quick fix that dulls people’s senses, making some kill themselves or others, or both, in my opinion.
 Years back there was a  girlfriend of my daughter who was on medication. (I think I talked about this in another blog… so pardon me as I unload again:p) Not just her girlfriend, but ALL the kids in the family.  I watched that kid on medication one time while she was on a horse. I saw her look right at my daughter (who was standing far away on the ground playing), kick her horse in the ribs, HARD, and the horse ran RIGHT at my daughter. .She ran at my daughter on her horse at a full gallop, ON PURPOSE. 
I saw what that kid did...and that horse kicked my daughter right in the head...She flew through the air like a football that had just been kicked. It was awful.
 (I had been over by the girl on the horse but couldn't stop her as it happened so fast...) The only thing I can attribute my daughter being ok to is providence. I ran over and she miraculously had no bumps or bruises or anything. It was amazing. But we went straight home and I never let my daughter play with those kids again.)
 Here’s my experience with knowing an adult being on it...
Someone I know died who was on medication...(Name omitted)
The first time I met her was at church, and then she kinda kept coming over to my house.
Sometimes really late at night when I was trying to sleep.
One time she just lay on the bed and talked when my husband and I were trying to get ready to go to sleep and she wouldn't get off the bed.
 We would go to restaurants and she would yell across at the waiter when she needed anything (Spanish places were funny...she would slaughter the Spanish... (Not that I'm great at speaking it, but when its yelled across the room it’s just a tad bit embarrassing. :P) Funny the first time, but after having it happen dozens of times it gets old quick.
 But the thing I noticed about her was that it seemed like she felt very, VERY entitled.
People would go visit her and instead of hanging out she would bug them to clean her house (church people, a LOT including trying to get me to when I just came over) Bugging people to do everything for her. Put TVs up, fix her computer, Not only that, but when she was out driving, it was scary...she couldn't function...my husband would offer to drive for her because we were scared that she was going to wreck every time she drove...seriously...if I followed her in my car she weaved like crazy...on the freeway, main roads, anything.
 Once she asked me to help her find her keys or something in her purse, and I saw a TON of pill bottles.
 One winter we had here was really severe...I had kind of lost contact with her because she was so incredibly bossy and needy and would have taken up all my time when I had enough in my own life that I had to get done, so I just kept it to saying hi at church because I just couldn't let her take over my life.
 One other time when I was talking to her at church she told me she got in trouble with the cops because she snuck into her ex-husbands house (who lived there with his new wife...that’s a whole different story) she snuck in through the window to get her kids...
 Anyway...not much later I think we ended up with power outages for a few days or something around this area some years back...we had some really bad storms that year.
 They found her dead outside her hot tub around the sidewalk. I don’t know if she fell asleep there and froze to death or something else, but she was gone.
So incredibly sad.
The only thing I can think of is that God knew my poor friend had been through enough and he decided to take her home.
I hope, whatever happened, that she finally found peace.
There’s one other person I know who one got psychotic when they tried to get him off medication, another person who called social services on someone because she got violent (She may have also been on medication…but I don’t know.)
 That is my experience with people who have been on medication. I don't think medication does any good. I think in the long run, it screws a person up more than it would ever help. EVER.
But to each his own.
 Personally I think medication dulls people’s sense of right and wrong. I think the brain is just too complicated to mess with.
As to me…I just have to learn how to quiet mine:P
Here are the things that have helped me…
something called "pace" http://www.wifamilyties.org/year2010/2010%20Presenter%20Handouts/26%20&%2034%20Review%20of%20Sensory%20Processing%20and%20Practical%20Strategies%20fo/Brain%20Gym%20Pace%20Exercises.pdf  REALLY helps concentration…every time I’ve done them I’ve gotten twice as much done in a day. (My counselor taught me these in her office),
and tapping  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSlPByoqJOU   (This is my favorite tapping guru…on Procrastination…Brad Yates who I met in Seattle… ) He is amazing and at his seminar he really helped me with issues I had with my mother. Its amazing how such a simple thing really does help...Its based on Chinese and chiropractic points in the body and its amazing how good you feel after you do it...even though you kinda feel like a monkey...lol (Do it to see why...hee hee) I always feel tingly after doing it...Weird huh?
I'm guessing its kinda like exercise...
You just have to keep doing it and not get lazy.:p
 Anyway...sorry for the novel...I know I can never get my thoughts into one paragraph...but maybe that’s why I'm a writer. Ha ha.
This started out as a paragraph to the person who asked me about A.D.D. and if I would ever consider medication. Guess I couldn’t fit it all into one sentence.
Blame it in the A.D.D.:p


  1. I have found a glass of wine has done a lot more good than the crazy stuff they put me on for bipolar disorder I think sometimes we need to accept ourselves for the people we are due to the crazy path that we have been traveling I can only hope it gets better because I realize when I die that I am going to continue on with this spirit that is inside my body

  2. Acceptance is EVERYTHING. Amen Shel!