Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Great Maxi Caper

When you live in a small town where there’s nothing to do, you get pretty creative trying to FIND things to do.
I am ashamed to say that one time just for fun,  I stole maxi pads from the college. (Jennie just stood there looking surprised, after all she had been in the bathroom doing her thing and I was after all, bored.)
After I did it I suddenly felt VERY guilty and tried to put the first one I got back in the vending machine, but failed miserably, because when I tried to put it back in the vending machine, another popped out.  So seeing I had it in my hot little hand, I changed my mind, and got another, and another till I had like10 or 15 of them.
 So where to put them??
 I walked all over campus with my concealed weapons until I hit the racquetball courts. My "undeveloped teenage brain" spouted a plan.
I would put them all over the walls of the racquetball court.
After all, who didn’t need a little padding? I had seen the crazed looks on the player’s faces as they crashed against the wall, faces smashing up against the glass…  Seemed fitting somehow, and glaringly funny:p
That a religious college had maxi pads stuck all over the racquetball courts made me laugh even harder as we sped off campus.  
THAT is MESSED up.:p

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