Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bullies SUCK! Or the Ugly Duck That Turned Into A Swan...

From Facebook...

"The Girl you called fat? Has been starving herself and lost over 30lbs. The Boy you called stupid? Has a learning disability & studies over 4 hrs a night. The Girl you called ugly? Spends hours putting makeup on hoping people like her. The Boy you tripped? Is abused enough at home. There's a lot more to people than you think.  (thanks Tony for this post)"
    • I would have been the girl you tripped instead of the boy. I was bullied in Jr high and high school.(I was tripped by some horribly cruel boys in Jr High...) At home I was being beaten to a pulp weekly by my dad, and the kids would make fun of my bruises. I felt TOTALLY worthless and contemplated suicide more than once. One time I almost acted on it, when my parents "forgot" my birthday. I found out years later that they had done it on PURPOSE. I found out later they did the same to my sisters.

      My Jr year in high school a guy who knew me told my huz that years later a girl walked in that no one recognized. I remember that he had cornered me and was flirting with me. All the other guys started paying attention to me and the ones that had bullied me? I would totally burn them right in front of their friends. (Co-incidentally I had just descovered make up:p)  They would be trying to flirt with me and I would slam them, in a really funny way so all their friends were laughing. Then I would just strut down the hall out of reach:p It was so so SO payback!!! 

    • I FINALLY started to fight BACK! A few girls cornered me my Jr year and tried to beat me up, like they had in years past. (I'll tell those stories later...I was absolutely tortured.) I fought back and they never did it again.
    • One girl was even dared to try to beat me up by some boys. She walked up behind me, and punched me in the back of the head. I turned around and leveled her right there. One punch and she fell to the ground. Weird thing was, after that, we were friends!
    • Jr high and high school kids can be some of the MEANEST out there.

    • In the unforgiving world of Jocks and princesses its that proverbial "LAST STRAW" that FINALLY makes you stand up and say "HEY! You can't make me EVER back down again!" I AM somebody. YOU can't tell me who I am.
    • Like it sais in my latest favorite movie "Sucker Punch". You have all the weapons you need. Now FIGHT!"

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