Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The BAT that came to BREAKFAST~

I'll have to tell you some time bout the bat that showed up and hung off my fireplace. Ah,maybe I'll just tell ya here...I walked into the house after my walk in the morning and went "Whaaaaa?" Whats that black furry blob on my fireplace??? Looked up close and realized it was a bat hanging upside down on my chimney. NO ONE would claim responsibility in the area to take care of it, (I spent HOURS on the phone trying to find someone in the area to take care of it, the whole time with the thing hanging off my fireplace) soooo I had to. I squashed the poor things hiney (All the while with it would you like to be woken up in the middle of a nap?:p) SQUEEKKKKKK SQEEEEEEK SQUEEEEEEK!-Talk about an unearthly sound!!!)on the fireplace trying to capture it and get it out of the house in a Costco gingerbread plastic box. All the while I'm screaming "I'm SORRY!" I'm SORRY!! (For squishing its tush:p) I was surprised to was kinda cute, (lil furry thing with a pushed in nose like a lil pug, almost adorable even) in a halloween freak u out movie kind of way. I let it loose on my deck , and instead of just flying off my deck, it used its lil bat arms to do this lil bat wiggle, going back and forth with what looked like to me like a half GONE human body out of a horror movie wiggling back and forth with blood squirting everywhere (Minus the squirting blood, ha ha!!) went over the first step on my deck and landed, feet hanging over the edge in a perfect bat hanging pose, just hanging there, poor thing, looking confused, like it should have been in a cave but was doing the next best thing. I RAN to get a camera to document that YES this actually happened and took some pictures. Poor thing was looking at me cause the camera kept flashing and I could hear the poor thing in my head screaching "LADY...WHAT THE "BLEEP" are you DOING? I'm trying to sleep here!!" I finally decided to leave the poor critter alone so it could get some rest, and came back later and it was gone. Later I realized that the pics I got were mostly blurry, but MAN the thing had a wingspan. (I got some pics of him doing the body shuffle) I'll have to post a pic or two later...

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