Tuesday, July 29, 2014

They Can't Make Us disappear. (And Thoughts On My Unbreakable Book That I have Been Working On Forever...)

I think I have an idea...

My "Unbreakable" book that I've been working on for a long time has always felt a little bit lopsided- like its not finished...

I have realized that the abuse I have gone through has not only been on my fathers side but also from the church.

It has not just happened to me, but to so many others and more and more women EVERY day.

To tell the story of what happened with Ordain Women, with my bishop, the Churches public relations incredibly inaccurate (not to mention dishonest) statements, and all these amazing women...and how my life led up to THIS... suddenly I feel that that is what I need to do.

I was talking to my counselor today reading her my blogs (I haven't seen her in a few months) and after reading them to her she said "Heidi,you were born for this".

Ok God, I get it now...

With the 1500 hits in one day on a blog about why I left the church and now over 11, 000 my blogs have gotten (Not to mention the 260,261hits on my profile page on Google) it tells me people are watching the Mormon church very, VERY closely. This is only the beginning... they can't stop this movement... No matter how much they want us to disappear.

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